The game of Thrones led by nomiwatts cancelled the prequel at HBO

Today is a sad day for all of us. With the series ending earlier this year, the idea of breaking up the series is super exciting. However, the prequel of Jane Goldman's game of Thrones has not made progress in HBO.

Naomi Watts, Goldman's pilot, starred and filmed last summer. It is said to focus on the "age of heroes" and the first battle between humans and whites. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will not enter the series. According to sources, the crew received an email notification from Goldman Sachs. HBO declined to comment on the cancellation because they usually do so in development projects. But don't overdo it. The sad news is that the second pilot of game of Thrones is about to reach an agreement with HBO. The series is based on the ideas of the authors George R.R. Martin and Ryan J. Condor, and is said to focus on the game of Thrones during the reign of tangalian. The pilot will be closer to the original game of Thrones series than Goldman Sachs' game of Thrones series. As long as there is new content, we are very happy!