Have you noticed the cameo of the directors in these films?

Traditionally, the work of a director is usually behind the scenes or performing other tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the film. Sometimes, however, they make guest appearances in their own films, either to play a small role or because they just want to be on the screen for a while. Some directors even started as actors in the film industry, so they might jump in front of the camera and brush spider webs. Whether it's playing a small role or a big role, some audiences have completely missed the guest star. Do you see the presence of these directors in these films? See how Peter Jackson cleverly integrated him and his wife into the Hobbit: the battle of the five armies. However, in many of his own films, the most memorable one is the sixth sense, which can be said to be his best work. However, he is not particularly famous for his acting skills, and his guest stars are relatively few, but the time is long enough for the audience to recognize him. This is the sixth sense situation, Shia Malan appears as a doctor, worried that Cole's mother might hurt him, leading to the boy's interpretable behavior. In essence, Francis Ford Coppola plays himself in Apocalypse Now. Because Francis Ford Coppola is usually considered a perfectionist, his short appearance in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now made fun of himself. When Willard passes an army crew, Coppola can be seen as a director shouting at soldiers passing by! As if you were fighting. It's like you're fighting. Don't look at the camera! This is a TV program. Go straight, go. "Although Coppola is obvious, it's a quick scene and it can be easily missed.

Roman Polanski's short and influential appearance in Chinatown, although Roman Polanski played the role of a knife man in his iconic movie Chinatown, leaving a text mark throughout the rest of the movie. The iconic phrase "do you know what happens to nosy people? Polanski himself said that his character then used a knife to cut Jack gitus (Jack Nicholson) through his nostrils. Because of this, gitus has obvious bandages and stitches for the rest of the film. Although many people may miss Polanski, it is undoubtedly an interesting role for him to choose to play. In his adaptation of Tolkien's films, Peter Jackson appeared many times in Warner Brothers Warner Brothers.

Director Peter Jackson has appeared in at least one of his six Chinese films. He ate carrots in "fellowship of the rings" and threw spears in "twin towers". He was the captain of "return of the king". In his hobbit trilogy, he also plays a dwarf from lone mountain and a man from the lake. However, perhaps his most subtle and interesting Cameo scene can be seen in battle of the five, where he and his portrait hang in Bilbo Baggins' home, playing Bilbo's parents.

! All directors have made guest appearances on the plane!

Paramount Pictures is regarded as one of the greatest comedies ever, airplane! There is not one director, but three directors. They are the brothers David, Jerry Zuk and Jim Abraham. They are known for incorporating as much comedy as possible, and have successfully integrated themselves into the film several times. The first time they showed up was the Zacks, who were air traffic controllers and were unable to guide the plane off the runway. The second was Abraham, one of the airport's religious fanatics. Alfred Hitchcock plays in most of his films. Of all the directors in history, Alfred Hitchcock won the cake because he played the most in his films. However, his presence is not always obvious. For example, in the movie lifeboat, his picture can be seen briefly in the newspaper found on the raft. However, his most unforgettable guest appearance was in his movie "north by Northwest". In the opening speech, he did not talk, but an attempt to get on the train with the person who failed to get on. The screen showed the picture of "Alfred Hitchcock's command", and the door was closed. There is an unforgettable scene in John Houston's "the treasure of the Madre mountains" released in 1948. Directed by John Houston, the "the treasure of the Madre mountains" is adapted from B. traven's 1927 novel of the same name. In the early days of the film, Fred C. Dobbs, played by Humphrey Bogart, was struggling to make a living. Finally, he begged for change from a well-dressed American, and then began his treasure hunt. However, it turned out that Fred had asked the well-dressed man for money earlier that day. It turns out that the fashionable American is John Houston. Although he is only a small role, he has stood the test of time. It's amazing how James Farley plays a bartender in a puppet movie that the 1979 movie puppet movie wasn't directed by members of the regular puppet team like Frank oz or Jim Hanson. Instead, the first puppet film was directed by James freley. In the film, he appears as a bartender at El sleepo cafe. When he said a few words to Kermit frog, he repeated a joke in the movie, "maybe he should try Harry Krishna", and Kermit replied, "sadness, it's a constant gimmick."

Wes Craven provides a horror reference and guest star in scream. Wes Craven has made many contributions to horror films in the past decades, one of which is scream series. Because Sydney Prescott and her friends are frightened by the masked killer in horror movies, there are many classic horror stories, including one by the film director. In the movie, Wes Craven plays the high school janitor, but his clothes are very special. He was wearing a red and green sweater hat belonging to Freddie Kruger, which came from another Cleveland masterpiece, the nightmare of elm street. You won't believe Clint Eastwood isHow to sneak into a New Jersey boy! Michael Bay is an untimely scientist in "the end of the world". Although his evaluation of "the end of the world" is mostly negative, it is still the highest box office movie in 1998. The film is about blue collar drillers led by Bruce Willis, whose mission is to destroy the asteroid before it reaches the earth. After the space shuttle, Atlantis was mysteriously destroyed, New York was flooded with meteor showers, and a team of NASA scientists scrambled to figure out what happened. One of the scientists was a shaggy haired Michael Bay who appeared to be reading the shuttle manual. Then he began to act, clearly standing out from the rest of the clean scientists. When it was announced that the second "Winter Soldier" in the "Captain America" series would be directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the fans of Walt Disney Studio were shocked when Joe Russo in the "Captain America" series made several guest appearances in the "Captain America" series. However, their success in using their work in the film amazed the audience, and the two of them were hired again to make the follow-up film Captain America: Civil War. Joe Russo decided to appear in two films, one as the shield doctor in Winter Soldier and the other as a guest star in civil war, for example, he appeared on the screen.

Edgar Wright is one of many guest actors in "hot fluff". In the TV series "interval" and the movie "Sean of death", Edgar Wright directed Simon peg and Nick frost. The film is another chilling comedy, starring pug and frost, police officers trying to solve a series of deaths in rural England. The film has had several guest appearances, including Peter Jackson as the violent Santa Claus and Steve Kugan as the metropolitan police inspector. Wright himself appeared, though it was less obvious. Ironically, he can be seen as a shelf stacker. Quentin Tarantino plays an important role in the vulgar novel. When it comes to his own films, Quentin Tarantino is not afraid to stand in front of the camera. Although he played a masked role in "Kill Bill" and his hands were used in "shameless bastard", he also played a more prominent role, such as Mr. Brown in "reservoir dog". However, it can be said that his most memorable guest star comes from vulgar novels. He plays Jimmy, a friend of Jules, who and Vincent sent Marvin's body to the owner of the house. It's an interesting character that offers some comic relief situations. Clint Eastwood appeared cleverly and cunningly in "Jersey boy" and Warner brothers won numerous Oscar nominations for best actor. Obviously, Clint Eastwood is no stranger in front of the camera. However, his most subtle appearance so far is in his film "New Jersey Boys.". It is said that he was suggested to participate in the production of a scene of dancing in the street, and he replied: "no, a man must know his limitations." On the contrary, it was decided that in a party scene, one of the actors would watch an old episode of Eastwood's performance in his old show raw hide. "It's the way I can have Hitchcock moments without doing anything," he commented

Wes Anderson lent his voice to the magical Mr Fox. This is Anderson's first time shooting animation, and he chose this movie to use the monotonous stop motion animation process instead of the typical CGI. Because it's a cartoon, Anderson can't appear in the movie, but he plays the role of weasel with his own voice. He also used his voice as a tennis commentator in the 2001 film "Royal Tainan Baum.". So

unless you know what Wes Anderson's voice is like, these two little shots are likely to pass over your head. In the blink of an eye, you'll miss Steven Spielberg in "the temple of Doom" after the success of "Indiana Jones: The Lost Ark Raider", Steven Spielberg was very happy to direct the second "the temple of Doom" in the series, and even included himself in the film, although it was very short. In one scene, Spielberg can be found among a group of missionaries in Shanghai airport, China. There, India got on the plane, but didn't know it was a trap. Dan ecklloyd is still in the role of Webber, another guest star most people miss. Steven King was insulted in "I> the largest overdrive drive

picture>> picture> the D. Lawrence Entertainment Group [P]. Although no one doubts Steven King's creativity and writing ability, it is obvious from his director's first work that the film is not. It's his strength. In addition to being greatly influenced when making films, his novel concept has not been well spread on the screen, but king still appears. He played a southerner who was close to the ATM, but the ATM insulted him and called him a rather annoying name. Then he went on to tell his off screen wife what he called "suga'buns" just happened.

David Lane's short and influential appearance in Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia

Columbia film industry and Columbia film industry, directed by David lane and released in 1962, is considered as one of the greatest films ever, recording the experience of T.E. Lawrence, British officers during the first World War Military theorists, archaeologists, diplomats and writers. At the critical moment of the movie, the skinny man raised a voice to a motorcyclist and asked Lawrence, "who is you?" "One of the biggest themes of the movie. The trick in Batman V Superman: Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. in many films, only the legs or hands of the protagonist are rarely the protagonists. It's not worth the actor's time or the company's money to spend on scenes that anyone can perform. Well, that's what the movie Batman and Superman is like. In Bruce Wayne's walk into an underground nightclubIn the scene, director Zach Snyder uses his own hand, which should actually be Ben Affleck's. Sneaky! Martin Scorsese released in "taxi driver / H3> picture>> picture> Colombian picture Columbia movie> P> 1976, taxi driver

is a new Neil movie after the lonely Vietnam War veteran Travis Bickle. He slowly fell into a state of madness, becoming a taxi driver, harshly describing New York. One night, bicker picked up a deranged passenger (Martin Scorsese), who drove him to the outside of an apartment, where we saw a silhouette of a woman, said to be the passenger's wife. There the passengers explained in detail his plan to murder his adulterer, and even managed to scare away the already unstable taxi driver. It was a disturbing scene and Scorsese performed beautifully.