Taylor Swift revealed that she almost quit music

It seems that the notorious feud between Taylor swift and Kanye West will never end. Swift, rolling stone's latest cover star, revealed how she seriously considered giving up music. In the interview, she talked about the plight of the music industry and their impact on her. Asked if her public feud with West had made her think about giving up music, she said she "thought a lot.". People like to hate me, but they don't need too many reasons. "I think it's hopeless," swift told rolling stone. She said that to overcome the great hatred, it requires a lot of self reflection. So I try to reflect on myself, even though it's really hard and sometimes painful, swift said, "when people don't like me, I really try to understand where they come from.". She realized that she should not let herself be influenced by other people's opinions. "Some of me will definitely be different forever," swift said. "I need to grow in many ways. I need to draw a line and figure out what's mine and what's public. "

in this dispute, who are you on? I hope this means that the dispute has finally subsided.