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Remember these MTV VJ? This is what they are doing now


Put your thoughts back decades ago, music is huge, MTV is king. Those days, aren't they? Before MTV was launched in 1981, we had to listen to the radio to hear our favorite band, but music video changed the rules of the game. Although MTV is still the first choice for many people to watch music videos, video Jockey (affectionately known as VJ) has become the past. No longer TRL , no longer headers ball . Wen. Join us, let's review some of the old faces in the network and see what they are doing now. The countdown began with Adam curry ' People. You can't be over 80 years older than this guy. Although he didn't spend as much time online as some people (he left in the early 1990s), he managed to make a mark.

curry is the person who made MTV online, giving them their first website and digital show. Mr. curry, 54, has been heavily involved in podcasting and has been called one of the founders of the media. He married partner Tina Snyder in 2018.

Alison Stewart is still reporting pictures of Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Alison Stewart boarded MTV as a journalist in 1991. In addition to displaying some of the 90's fashion looks, Stewart also reported serious topics such as the 1992 presidential election. For Stewart, MTV was just a ladder, and he later worked for CBS News. As of 2018, Alison and Alison Stewart hosted all events on New York City public radio station wync. According to her Wikipedia home page, the show focuses on hot topics and culture. Prior to his radio career, Stewart worked as a special correspondent for weekend news hour and Charlie Rose on public radio.

being a mother is suitable for Ananda Lewis


Nancy ostrtag / Getty imageshoto photography / Nancy ostrtag / Getty Images

the audience likes Ananda Lewis, and MTV also likes it. Her smart and fashionable performance style pushes the TV network to a new direction, which makes them make more space for live TV. After leaving MTV in 2001, Lewis hosted her own talk show, focusing on hot topics such as domestic violence and breast cancer. Lewis has kept a relatively low profile since the mid-20th century, with her last loan listed as 2010. She gave birth to a boy in 2011 and currently lives in the San Fernando Valley. Interestingly, the former VJ was a good friend of the late singer Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in 2001.

bill Bellamy turned to acting field

Leon Bennett's photos / Getty Images photo Leon Bennett's photos / Getty Images

if you grew up in the 1990s, Bill Bellamy may be the face you see most on the TV screen. The smart host hosted "MTV Jamz" and "MTV beach house" programs and won great praise. After several years in charge of these programs, he decided to continue his acting career. He played cousin skeet's voice on the same name Nickelodeon show, and guest star on Jamie fox. His last notable role was as FBI agent Sanders in kindergarten police 2 in 2012. Bellamy has been married to Kristen Baker since 2001. You may know Carson Daley who is the heart of MTV. Because of his tenure at TRL, he was a byword for the Internet, and even Eminem shouted, "my name is.". Girls and boys all over the world want to make out with Daley on the sofa. In 2003, Daley hosted his own show, "the last call with Carson Daley.". NBC announced that the program will be retired in 2019. Recently, Daley has become known as the host and executive producer of NBC reality show voice. Of all the alumni of MTV, Daley is arguably the most famous and still the most significant. There's a good reason why Daisy Fuentes is putting it in the photo of Paul achurita / Getty imageshoto, which was made by Paul achurita / Getty Images

Daisy Fuentes to be the first VJ of Latin MTV. When she joined LETV in 1988, she brought some much-needed warmth to LETV. After Daisy left, she had a great success as a model and became the spokesperson of Revlon, Pantene and American Express. From fitness games to clothing and beauty products, her annual income is about 300 million dollars. Today, you can see her running her own business empire, CO starring in La voz kids on telemundo and offering love advice on fantasy focus podcasts with Matthew berry. When Carson Daly left in 2002, MTV knew that they had to find the perfect host. Fortunately for them, Damian Fay was free and stepped onto the stage and continued to host the show for four years. It's no surprise that Fay is always witty and intelligent, so it's no surprise that he began to write. You can see his name on the family member's credit card. Today, he likes to stay away from the screen and work with comedian Seth MacFarlane. When Craig Kilburn left the evening show, Fay was ready to take over, but lost to James Colton.

Dave Holmes is a musical genius.

Photos of Frank miselota / imagedirect photos taken by Frank miselota / imagedirect

Dave Holmes (right most) was very popular when he participated in MTV's first "want to be a VJ" competition in 1998. He knows music very well, which makes MTV executivesIt was a surprise that even though he didn't win the game, it made him a member of the news team. Before leaving in 2002, he hosted several performances on the Internet. Since 2015, Holmes has been the editor in chief of gentlemen magazine and the host of the podcast addict. The podcast focuses on LGBTQ and is highly praised by entertainment weekly and other organizations. He calls it "considerate and charming"

Julie brown. The center of the city is full of pictures of Paul agulita / filmmagic / Getty imagespoto / Paul agulita / filmmagic / Getty Images

one of the original VJ, no People can be like Julie Brown downtown. Brown hosted the club's MTV program for seven years, then announced his retirement from ESPN and E in 1992! Entertainment. Five years later, she was naked in Playboy.

Brown also appeared in many TV programs and movies, including Texas Rangers, hey Arnold! I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here! Dog Whisperer and wife exchange in 2013. At present, the London born star hosts the replay of "the last of the day" on Sirius XM channel on the 9th. She lives with her husband Martin Shulman and their daughter in Marina Drey, California.


Hillary Burton is still doing news

Photos of Taylor Hill / photos of Getty Images of Taylor Hill / photos of Getty Hill

who can forget those curly hair? Hillary Burton was chosen by MTV as she walked around the university campus. After a short audition, she got a job that she co chaired for life. A few years later, she played a leading role in the popular youth drama a tree mountain. Now married to the walking dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the mother of two, Burton continues. In 2017, she made headlines, and a clip from TRL reappeared, suggesting that Ben Affleck had touched her inappropriately. Although Affleck insists he doesn't remember it, he apologizes, which Burton says makes her uncomfortable.

John Norris is a more than ten-year-old VJ

photo of John Healy / photo of WireImage / Getty imageshoto / WireImage / Getty Images

No, it's not Kevin Bacon, although they look very similar. John Norris joined MTV in 1996 as a member of the news team, continuing to cover almost everything you can think of, from elections to Festival tours. As one of the longest VJ of MTV (Norris has been on the Internet for more than ten years), he is one of the most famous faces. After Norris left in the mid-20th century, he spent a lot of time freelancing for some impressive magazines and online media. He has been the producer of fuse news since 2013, making a special appearance as a reporter on the screen. Jesse camp: the past explosion

Photos of Chelsea Lauren / WireImage / Getty Images photo of Chelsea Lauren / WireImage / Getty Images hate, but that's why he is so special. Camp won the "want to be VJ" competition in 1998 and won a two-week contract with MTV. When all went well, his contract was extended to a year later, and Kamp left to pursue a career in music. His album has not been slammed by critics. Some people call it "harsh", just like camp himself. Surprisingly, camp managed to get a duet like Freddie Mac alum, Steve Knicks and even mark Ramon. Despite his reputation, the days are fleeting, and camp is keeping a low profile. What's Kennedy doing?

Monica Speer / filmmagic's / Getty Images photo / Monica Speer / filmmagic's / Getty Images

Nirvana and Soundgarden and other bands are very grateful to Kennedy. From 1992 to 1997, she hosted a program called "alternative countries", which is purely to provide ALT music with an urgently needed platform on the Internet. After leaving MTV, she published her first book and continued to work for Fox News.

Kennedy is still very active in her field. She hosts her own programs and contributes to several other programs. Now 46, she married Dave Lee, a former professional skier, and has two daughters with him. Before she married Lee, she had a brief date with John erzeznik, the leader of "gogo Doll".

wulala, ravasquez

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ravasquez is a major MTV program in the early 20th century, which appears in TRL and hip-hop programs and has a direct effect. In spite of her success, she did not leave two years later in order to start her own production company, crossover. Her works include Mike Tyson's documentary "Tyson" and "gun". Los Angeles also pursued acting, starring in a series of films and non Broadway shows. Her engagement to pro basketball player Carmelo Anthony also spawned a five season VH1 reality show called "La wedding," one of the station's highest ratings at the time. Vasquez is also a best-selling writer for the New York Times. [P>

Ricky rahtman has an interesting career.

photograph of Mike Wendell / photograph of filmmagic / Getty imagespoto photograph of Mike Wendell / photograph of filmmagic / Getty imagespoto

you may remember Ricky rahtman's tattooed arms and flowing long hair most. In 1990, rahtman took over from Adam curry and left the headscarvers ball to perform for five years. After waving goodbye to MTV, he moved to interview wrestlers backstage. In the past few years, rahtman has done a lot of work. In addition to owning a skateboarding company, he was appointed minister in 2015. Prior to that, he hosted the reunion of Bret Michaels VH1 series rock of love. Rachtman is dating lea vendetta, the star of inkmaster. They live in morsville, North Carolina. Compared with his work before joining the TV network, Simon Rex's later MTV work is not surprising·Polk / Getty comedy center picture by Christopher Polk / Getty comedy center picture

Simon Rex started acting in adult films before he won VJ's role in 1995. He stayed on the Internet for two years, and then turned his attention to acting career. Rex has appeared in several TV series, including Jack and Jill, felicity, Gulf watch, Everwood and Everwood, but his most famous works are horror movies 3, 4 and 5. In addition to the performance, Rex also released music in the name of dirty dirty, including a partnership with the super three-stage locomotive. From 2006 to 2009, the San Francisco native shared plumm, a New York City bar, with Noel Ashman, Chris north and mark Langson's sister Samantha Langson. Steve Isaacs has attracted the attention of a famous rock star the poster boy of the 1990s is cool. Steve became a little more exciting when he hosted the top 20 countdown video and MTV hangin. He left MTV, went behind the microphone and played a leading role in "who is Tommy" on Broadway. After moving to Los Angeles, Isaacs formed sycyle and then signed with MCA records. Just before their debut album was due to be released, the record company pulled out of the deal. Steve continued to work as a web designer, performing at solo concerts as a hobby. Jane's addicted Dave Navarro found Isaacs and invited him to form a panic channel. Congressional records signed in 2005, but released only one album.

before becoming a VJ,

Prince William's photo / WireImage / Getty imageshoto Prince William's photo / WireImage / Getty Images

you may have noticed that many VJ continue to engage in the music industry, but Terry has done it there before signing with MTV. By the age of 19, he had released an album with RCA records. Before continuing his music career, he hosted MTV in 1998.

he also managed to attract actors and agents with his talent, and fought alongside mark Warburg in transformers, fast fury and the four brothers, and against Jason Stam in the death race. Teresa married her second wife, Samantha Lee, on Valentine's Day 2017. They welcomed their daughter in October 2018.

the lovely Vanessa Minnillo

photo was taken by desire Navarro / Getty Images

Vanessa Minnillo was hired by the MTV boss after Carson Daly left TRL in 2003 as part of their plan to maintain audience participation. Minnillo is very popular. He stayed on the Internet for four years and then went to a new ranch. In 2005, the former young lady of the United States joined the entertainment program as a New York City correspondent, and received the young lady of the United States and Miss Universe. Vanessa met singer Nick Lacey in 2006, when she appeared in his music video and the two married in Sir Richard Branson's private island of necke in 2011. They have three children.

you can still see Serena Altschul anywhere before MTV gave her the lead in the documentary "real life," current affairs and hosting "TRL.".

altshure left MTV to join CNN, which appointed her as a special correspondent. She has been on CBS's Sunday morning show since 2013. The films "the damned Queen" and "Josie and the kitten" both appear as altskool's own image, proving how important a TV show she was at the time. Serena, 48, doesn't seem to be leaving the screen soon.