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Someone recreated the entire dunder Mifflin office in minecraft


The office is a landmark exhibition. To be honest, let's never stop reviewing. It will never disappear with a large number of counterfeit "coughs" and online fans. Now there's the salute. A reddit user posted a video of his minecraft build, where he rebuilt the entire dunder Mifflin office with a chisel and drill. In addition to the small details fans quickly pointed out, humpy123 also nailed down the iconic paper agency office. It takes talent, time and a lot of attention to focus on Canon in the office. Identity theft is not a joke Jim.

Club HQ

picture> * / picture> photo credit: huypy123 / redditpotoc: humyp123 / reddit

now Andy can finally become the most exclusive club in the office and part of the club's more detailed club. There's the vending machine Kevin threw into the chair during the fire drill, and there's Daryl's desk recording Christmas music on the keyboard. The level of detail of humpy123 is very high. The color of snacks in the vending machine is almost the same as that of Dwight's things on the table when Jim is joking. Relax Dwight. The stapler costs only one dollar. Where did the CPR training take place?


picture source: @ P O p-o-u-clock / twitter / humph123 / reddit photo credit: @ pop-o-u-clock / twitter / humph123 / reddit

this room not only witnessed the most drastic turn of the series when the CPR training made a terrible mistake, but also held many other memorable activities at the same time. Hump 123 really captures the power of this gray pixel carpet. This is the room where we all know what pyramid plan is. Katie sold her lovely wallet and aroused some feelings between PAM and Jim. There, the Party Planning Committee received some real saboteurs. Michael revealed that he hated Toby more than Hitler and bin Laden. Tobey... Poor Toby.


the other half of the sale

picture source: humby123 / reddit photo credit: humby123 / reddit

Stanley, Phyllis and Andy are real landmarks, and humby123 makes their footpath immortal. Phyllis and Stanley reduced the mania in the office to a normal level and seemed to be the only real role in getting the job done. Many changes have taken place in this area, from the Christmas tree in the corner, the infamous teapot sitting under it, to the UPenn grad on the last table. Or Cornell University? We can't see if humby123 includes a picture of Stanley's daughter. Are you crazy, kid? Help me find that picture. On top of that, Michael's office is very precise

photo credit: @ strngeownsmyas / twitter / humph123 / reddit photo credit: @ strngeownsmyas / twitter / humph123 / reddit

This version is perfect at almost all levels. Humpy123 has the "best boss in the world" Mug nailed in front of him, Michael calls David Wallace's conference call with a slightly frightening atmosphere, and Michael claims to be the proud owner of SECCO clock. If you squint hard, the building doesn't look like minecraft at all. You can almost see PAM sitting there in the first episode and think she's fired. The only thing missing was the blinds Michael used to monitor Ryan. Yes, Ryan snapped at him, but there was a light in his eyes. The painting of ParM is also there. Photo source: F our toe creed / Tumblr / humby123 / reddit photo source: F our toe creed / Tumblr / humby123 / reddit

humby123 did. Take a look at the details of PAM's iconic artwork in this episode, which brings us to rethink every thought we have of Michael. You can see the green buildings, the doors, even the red mats painted by PAM. This picture of the front entrance also shows the Secretary's desk, which has a perfect highly sloping surface with elbows, which indirectly leads PAM and Jim to fall in love. Who can deny the chemical reaction of the two of them on the linoleum when Jim eats peanut M & MS