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The lightest Netflix show ever


Is there anything better than knowing you have time to hang out at home and watch your favorite things all day? While Netflix is a blessing, it can be quite daunting if you can't decide what to watch. I mean, they have almost everything you dream of, and adding things to your list is often a craze, because you have a lot of choices in the future. If you've been choosing something, we'll introduce you to some of our favorite movies and shows and get you engaged from start to finish! To all the boys I've loved before: Netflix

imagine that all the people you've loved in your life suddenly find out that you like them. Terrible, huh? Laura Jean (played by Laura Condor) can be associated with this. Dedicated to all the boys I love, adapted from Jenny Han's best-selling novel, is a new classic youth novel that will make you laugh and cry - sometimes at the same time - because the secret love letter will cause great damage to Laura Joan's love life. Laura Joan's life will soon be in a mess, because her ex husband and ex-wife are facing each other. It's an interesting set of events, and you will stick to the screen all the time. What happens when two overloaded and low paid assistants try to set up their demanding boss in New York City? Chaotic and funny. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are determined to get their bosses, Lucy Liu and Taye diggs, on a date so they both have time to relax. After

, they all know that it takes some patience and persistence. setting it up is the ROM com Renaissance that we have been waiting for. If we say that we do not support the broadcast of these two love stories, then we lie. If you grow up in the living room with Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, you may want them forever. We fully agree. There's nothing more gratifying than having a Gilmore girl on your TV screen, from love, to breaking up, to a warm moment between mother and daughter. As a matter of fact, we can now stream the whole program which we once dreamed of, and then some. If you're not curling up on the couch, sweating, eating a bunch of junk food, who are you? Photo: Netflix

kissing kiosk


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kissing kiosk may be awkward and a bit scary, but we can say that Elle Evans (Joey king) regards it as a professional player. According to Beth Rickles's novel of the same name, "kissing booth" tells a story about the best friend, family, and how love and life sometimes compromise. She risks her relationship with her best friend. The boy turned out to be her best friend's brother, so he broke the biggest agreement ever.

youth and hunger

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if youth and hunger are not on your list of guilt and happiness, you must go back immediately! Starring high school musical Ashley Tisdale, and Disney alumni Emily Osment, the show is able to navigate the world of employment and affection for her boss. It's pretty tricky. Rich Josh Kaminsky hired Gaby diamond as his personal chef. After a bit of trouble at Gaby's trial dinner, the two had a one night stand. This will then guide the show into the dynamic between Gaby and Josh, as Gaby faces challenges both inside and outside the kitchen.

Alex Strangelove

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Alex Strangelove is the story of high school student Alex truelove (Daniel Doheny) planning to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire. When he met Eliot, the charming man on the other side of town, things quickly became complicated. Eliot inadvertently set him on a roller coaster ride of sexual identity. It's an undeniably interesting and touching adventure of love, sex and friendship, Alexei love tells what it's like to be gay in 2018, so spicy that it's impossible not to fall in love with the whole story. Life imprisonment of

life imprisonment of

photo: CW


life imprisonment of may be unjustly cancelled, but this does not mean that we can not carnivalize the whole content of the first season again. When Stella Abbott was diagnosed with advanced cancer, she decided that she would live as if she had no tomorrow. Unfortunately, when her doctor told her that her illness was miraculously cured, the decision came back to bite her, leaving the good news, because she now needs to deal with the consequences of everything she thought she was going to die, including her marriage to Weiss. Who hasn't seen a friend's program in his whole life? Think about it. It's impossible not to do it. It's a comfort to have Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey in your living room, living in their own funny and chaotic way. breakup, weird pets, holiday disaster, family drama, wedding and so on. These beauties have nothing. Gossip girl has been a classic for the past 20 years. In 2007-2012, CW's gossip girl was one of the most controversial and exciting TV programs. Fortunately, Netflix is ready for every brilliant season, so it will never die. A group of privileged Manhattan private school children seem to be able to escape everything except an anonymous blogger who follows them and reveals their deepest and dirtiest secrets. From the stories of love, sex and betrayal, gangs learn from their mistakes as they grow up through the upper east and beyond. So who's the gossip girl? You have to observe to find out. The answer can be shocking.

pretty little liar

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according to Sarah Shepard's seriesFrom 2010 to 2017, "beautiful little liar" is a TV phenomenon. A year after queen Alison's disappearance, Spencer, ariae, Hannah and Emily continue their lives. They are separated. When anonymous text messages from "a" threaten to reveal all their secrets, each girl finds herself facing a series of new challenges - both old secrets known only to Alison and new secrets developed after her disappearance. so who is "a" and how does he or she know what he or she knows? The answer may surprise you. Everything is terrible!

Photos: Netflix

everything is terrible! It may be cancelled after a season, but we still have 10 good episodes to revel and replay as long as possible. Against the backdrop of Oregon's boredom, the return of the 1990s is all we dream of. The theme of the play is love, lust, friendship, sexual identity and the guidance of life in adolescence. The two groups of nerds were frustrated that no one took them seriously, so they decided that the best way to get them through high school was to make a movie together. With reason. Unfortunately, we can't see any more films.

now's spectacular scene

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who is not completely fascinated by all the films that Shereen Woodley and miles taylor made together? today's spectacular is exactly what fans and Netflix like best. According to Tim Tharp's novel, the story revolves around teller, a popular party animal, who wakes up on a stranger's lawn and is attracted by the introverted Woodley. When Sartre deals with the problems in his life and Amy plans for the future after school, unexpected romance breaks out between them, drawing the hearts of fans everywhere. Photo: some of us may be too young to fully enjoy the original, but once the revival of I> 90210 returns to the screen in 2008, fans will be fascinated by it! The new 90210 gives the audience a glimpse of the fascinating world of privilege and excess. friends try to keep their intimate relationship with the world famous postal code. Anything can happen in this world, because we are very sad to see the end of it. Netflix has saved us again, so we can enjoy the carnival! The Renaissance in 1990s is killing it. People's excitement about Fuller's house is still obvious. A sequel to the 1990s family sitcom "Fuller's house" follows the same storyline as the original. A widowed D.J. Fuller (Candice Cameron Bray) gets help from Stephanie Tanner (Jodie sweeting) and his good friend Jimmy gibler (Andrea barber) when raising three boys, together with Kimi's daughter Ramona 。 If you are a fan of the original book, you know that every episode will have some easy and funny, as well as the exciting plot transition that D.J. will choose as the object of love interest: new handsome matt or former flame Steve. #Steve's all the way! We can't believe that Nick and Nora's infinite playlist premiere has been nearly 10 years. This movie, starring Michael Cera and Kate Dennis, is a movie for the fans of iron music! The book is also based on the novels of Rachel Cohen and David levihan. Nick can't stop obsessing about his ex girlfriend unless her friend Nora shows interest in him. In a strange night full of ups and downs, the two constantly hit roadblocks and awkward moments. At night, the two of them have to figure out what they really want.

glee group musical dramedy! The plot of the play is as follows: a group of ambitious losers try to escape the harsh reality of high school by joining the glee club. These people later found will Schuster, a teacher of comfort and hope, in the new community of McKinley high school. Together, there is nothing they can't conquer. From breakup to pregnancy and even death, the new direction is the type of family we wanted to have in high school. Our love for Cristina Ritchie will only grow in the hearts of the people in this lovely film full of spicy lessons and repeatable humor. Penelope Wilhelm, born with a pig nose, has been a prisoner at home all his life. She believed that the only way to break the curse was to marry her own kind. She met many suitors, but they refused her. Two cunning men, one with a grudge against the family, hire a man to pose as a suitor, but when he begins to fall in love with Penelope, there's a complex situation. She works hard for freedom.


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if you fall in love with all the boys Noah centrineo I have loved before, you will fall in love with spf-18

. It's an adult romantic comedy. It tells the story of penny Cooper who worried about Johnny Sanders Jr. for years before her father died. When a mysterious country musician, ash Baker, enters the city, penny is in a dilemma between the two, which may threaten her relationship with her surfing boyfriend. Starring queen Molly rinwald, Rosanna Arquette, Keanu Reeves and Pamela Anderson in the 1980s, and narrated by Goldie horn, the All-Star lineup itself should be a cause for concern! Adventures in public schoolsWhat happens when a child enters a public school for the first time after his education? We're sure you know where this is going. Social embarrassment Liam has been educated at home all his life. But when he fell in love with a popular one legged girl, he gave up his mother's stifling love and entered a public school, a world of personality, drugs and social research. Even high school alumni will love this! Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

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breakfast club has proved its value in the past 33 years, and we are very sure that it has no plans to slow down. Five high school students from different industries were detained Saturday in a power hungry principal. everyone has the opportunity to tell their own stories and make other people think differently about them. At the end of the day, they question whether schools will always be the same. As one of the greatest soundtracks in the history of film, "Breakfast Club" is still worth reveling after all these years.