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Worst TV boyfriend ever


When it comes to our favorite TV programs, we can participate in the love life of characters very well. Our most famous relationships on the screen were dramatic emotional roller coasters, and we couldn't help jumping on them. But while we may be secretly infatuated with some of them in reality (to give us face - we are young and naive), they are terrifying. They are the worst TV boyfriends ever.

Ross Geller – friends


if you love friends as we do, you may have invested a lot of time in the lives of these characters. Of course, everyone has their own unique loveliness, but have you ever stopped to really realize that Ross's boyfriend is not good for Rachel? If you take back the laughter, it's a guy who relentlessly pursues a girl out of his league in a way that makes her hopelessly fall in love with him, but deceives her, and uses the incredibly terrifying excuse "we're resting!"! "

Monday – Super Girl

there are fewer and fewer TV characters like Carla, so when someone is not good to her, they will not be ignored. In fact, Kara's relationship with Monel was so toxic that some of the audience gave up entirely. He was not only emotional and verbal abuse, but he also asked Kara to question almost all of her existence as a woman and a superhero. The first rule of each relationship is: authorize each other! It's not hard to make your partner feel like a piece of earth.

Larry bloom – orange is the new black

when orange is the new black projected on our screen in 2013, women all over the world are excited. We finally have a show that really talks to us - well, except for the part in prison. When it comes to complex women to women relationships (and women to women relationships), this series is unparalleled. The play is unbelievable, but there is one thing we can't stand. Its name is Larry. Of course, Piper is not an angel (already with Alex in prison), but it's forgivable considering the trauma of the prison, right? Larry and piper's friends are in a relationship we can never overcome. never. One of the best sitcoms ever, Jim and PAM (or so to speak) are the best couple ever. But before Jim and PAM set us a goal for love, Roy and PAM held us back. Roy may be one of the most selfish television boyfriends of all time. He not only criticized Pam's works of art, but also ignored her. He tied her up as his fiancee for three years and never thought of arranging their wedding. He never treated her as a beautiful and intelligent person. When they finally separated forever, we were very happy.

Steve Harrington – stranger thing

now, it's a tough thing. In the first season, Steve was our most annoying character, and he played a role in the strange things series. He hated it. He had stupid "post-80s" hair. When she was not ready, she forced Nancy to stay close. Not to mention, when bab disappeared, he didn't care. Although all of this is undeniable, he did come up with some ideas and really fell in love with Nancy - but alas, we just can't forget. Later, after the two broke up, Steve helped the children out of the dilemma, and in fact became a very likable person. We almost feel sorry for him in the second season. But Steve, you'd better treat the big man as your boyfriend. We heard your protest. "How interesting he is! He has a big heart! "All this may be true, but when you really think about it, J.D. is not mature enough to maintain a stable relationship. His obsession with Eliot was sweet and terrifying. When he is happy, he will destroy it - and when Elliot moves on, he will destroy it. J.D. may be a cool character. He has some good monologues in his heart and quotes some jokes worth mentioning. When we transport his bromine to the moon and the moon with Kirk, we can't leave him behind as a feasible love interest. Mr. Da – sex and city

er. The big man is so terrible that we can't help hissing his name - the worst thing is, he still caught the girl. Fans around the world were horrified by the treatment of our dear Carrie by Mr. big shot. He is a huge promise Phoebe, left Carrie, married someone else, cheated his wife with Carrie, and when she finally happily got involved again, Carrie finally betrayed the beautiful, lovely and beautiful Aidan. Yes, we know Carrie has played a part here, but we still want to get rid of the smug smile on the big man's silly face. Jesse Mariano – Gilmore girl

Yes, Jesse is the object of many girls' fantasies, but Rory's gloomy, painful and intolerable misunderstood boyfriend has won a deserved place on this list. When she dates a healthy Dean, he not only actively pursues her, but also repeatedly tells her that he hates being with her friends, family and anyone else. His attitude is very attractive to us young people, but now that we grow up, we can appreciate him because he is a big idiot with good hair. George O'Malley – the anatomy of gray

don't misunderstand us, we absolutely adore George. When he died, in the death of the crew, we cried worse than at the end of a tree hill. But that doesn't change the fact that George never did a good job when it came to women. At first, he slept with Meredith, who was in a very vulnerable mood and then angry for her. When he found a woman who didn't fit in with him, Carly, he married her and treated her with IzzyInfidelity. His tombstone should read, George O'Malley, love is not good.


chuck buss – gossip girl

fans of the show may find this a little difficult to accept, but Chuck buss from gossip girl is not an independent person. His first scene was when the wayward teenager tried to sexually assault Jenny Humphrey - but he was never involved. He hired prostitutes, went to strip bars, and was incapable of loving anyone or anything, including Blair. Although his problem was solved under the pretext that "Dad never loved me", it is undeniable that chuck bass, as a human being and a boyfriend, is very bad in all aspects.

Lucas Scott – a tree hill

Chad Michael Murray makes our youth world work, but his role Lucas makes us want to hit him with a sledgehammer. "The mountain of a tree" is all about drama. Lucas brought a lot. He spent unreasonable time jumping between Peyton and Brooke, destroying their friendship and playing with their hearts. In fact, every romantic interest is ultimately harmed to some extent by blondes. Even when he wrote about how much he loved Peyton, he was engaged to another girl. It's a huge Lucas shaped mess from start to finish.

Danny Castellano – Mindy's plan

Danny Castellano may look like Mindy's dream in Mindy's plan, but let's break this down first. He throws her around, breaks up with her, and catches her to get her back - what if it's not insane? If that's not enough, when she has a child, he tries to manipulate her to give up her career and all she ever worked for is to stay at home, as if women can't have both. We're not finished yet. Probably never. President of Forest College – Gilmore girl

My God, Rory made some wrong choices. Her first love, Dean, looked like a standing man at first. Even though their love when they were young was flourishing, we still like him. He was lovely, looked polite, and loved her sincerely, but soon his jealousy began to appear. Dean is also very emotional, although it is not always a bad thing, but it really makes him a little bit intolerable. Worst of all, he married someone and was bad for her. He slept with Rory and blamed her. The list is endless. Emmett bresso – was transferred at birth

Emmett is the kind of bad boyfriend that fathers want to point at with a shotgun. He not only cheated on his girlfriend Bei, but also caught up with her and won her back. As a result, he did the worst thing imaginable. When Bei was sexually assaulted in college, he cut her off like a rotten limb, turned her into a ghost completely, and ended their relationship as if nothing was there. Most importantly, he even made a movie about her experience without asking her first. If we sound crazy, it's because we're crazy.

Xander Harris – vampire killer Buffy

Xander is a loser, always picked by people, and he never does things well. We're sure there's a gold heart somewhere - after all, he's saved the world countless times - but for women, he's a real jerk. He wrapped up the most popular girls in the school. These girls sacrificed their reputation to be with him. Then they betrayed her with his best friend who had loved him for many years, and finally abandoned her once. Then he left Anya on the altar, hurt her heart and turned her into a vengeful devil. It's very tiring. We have never been fascinated by the soft hair of Dawson. He loves to grumble, narcissism, the ugliest cry ever. He also treats little Joey Potter like a toy. Joey has been in love with him for many years, and they finally fall in love, but he can never really decide what he wants, and when she starts to build a relationship with Percy, he hates her. Don't let's start with the way he treats Jane. Seriously, why do girls like this man?

Dan Humphrey – gossip girl

everyone gets along with everyone on gossip girl. There are so many relationship shifts that we can barely keep up with, but the most revolting drama comes from Dan Humphrey. He was cynical and demoralized, and in general had emotional damage to almost all of the women he was involved in, mainly Serena, Blair and Vanessa. If there is hope, he will give up. If there is a dream, he will break it. It's bad enough for him to date Blair after his "great love" with Serena, but it's bad enough for Queen B - we want blood, Humphrey. How did I meet your mother? No, it's not Ted! Don't let ted in! "We do, we do, but you can't argue with the facts, children. The biggest fact? This guy is too much. His crazy idea of looking for "that" has brought huge pressure to any girl who happened to pass him by. He spent so much time and energy trying to match his girlfriends with his ridiculous ex boyfriend to something we could hardly see. Robin may look right, but he always tries to change her. Shame on you, Ted. We have a hat trick for Rory Gilmore! We can't leave Logan, can we? Logan does have his advantages. He took little Rory out into the world, bringing some excitement to the starry sky, but he was spoiled, immature, reckless and a woman man. When Rory refused to marry him, he left her. Then, on the 2016 Netflix special, he was engaged to another person, and when they were in the same town, he was still sleeping with Rory. There's no reason in our book to explain this level of debauchery