6 ways to refresh your dating life

Dating is not always a pleasure. Bad dates, dry spells, and people who don't like you all make you feel cruel. Before you give up and decide to live alone with a group of dogs, try to accept new dating habits, which may work wonders to help you find a potential romantic partner. There are six ways to make your dating life a new one:

accept your arrangement: OK, so maybe this is not your first choice, but you should work in friends, colleagues and even family! If your friend's boyfriend has been talking about a friend you love, promise a two-time date and see what happens.

skip the bar scene: of course, when you are in a bar or club, it may be easier to talk with strangers. However, in the haze of three cocktails, you may not encounter a high-quality match. Be careful to avoid bars as potential dating places.

review of your trading disruptors: it is important to have standards, but sometimes your trading disruptors may be too extreme. If you are a vegetarian, you can live happily with meat eaters. If you're 28, maybe you can find love with a 23-year-old. Play with your parameters, maybe you'll find your people. Consider the obvious question: look at the people in your "friend zone.". Why are they there? Is it just a matter of time? Or are they always involved? Make sure they are classified as friends for the right reasons.

to be frank : in those awkward first dates, it's easy for you to fall into your own mind. Before you decide that your best option is to play cool and casual, remember why you do these moves first. You want to find true love, so don't beat around the Bush! Be honest and frank with your first date, just like the best interview scenario in the world.

give up those self deceptive phone calls: single men and women are easy to establish a non relationship with others, so that you can get out of trouble. It looks interesting and harmless, but it can confuse the plot. Why go out on a date or meet a new person when you know you can get something small? Avoid using booty calls as a safety net to continue to find true love.