10 red flags you and 8217 fall back into toxic friendship

When you're in a romantic relationship, it's easy to tell when things get worse. There's fighting, there's distance, there's resentment. You can complain to your friends, and it's easy to cut off the other half and move on. However, when it comes to a friendship, the water gets muddy and it's not always clear when to break up with someone you're used to calling a friend. If you start to question the value of the current friendship, there are sure to be some danger signs here that it will not go anywhere but the sewer.

1。 Your friends always try to "come together" you. No matter what news you want to share, your friends will respond with something to try to make them look like they have something better going on.

2。 They won't be happy for you. In fact, they want what you have. Instead of congratulating you on your new job, they immediately asked if there were any other vacancies. "Can you give my resume to human resources? “

3。 They will be possessive and jealous. It is basically impossible to be with other friends without being invited.

4。 This friend tried to join you, too. There may be several people hanging out, who will try their best to disagree with you, challenge you and let others do the same.

5。 They began to pick on your appearance. This may be anything from saying you wear too much make-up to telling you that your clothes don't fit your age.

6。 You realize you've started to avoid their text messages and phone calls. Do you reply to them only after they send angry messages? ??? "Information to remind you of.

7。 There's tension between you two. It's too thick. You can cut it with a knife.

8。 It's only when you haven't seen them for a long time that you feel good about them. Before you finally agree to go out, you have exhausted all the excuses in the book.

9。 You will feel relieved when they leave the city. In a few days, don't engage in negative aggression! Yes!

10。 When they do something with other friends, you don't feel that much. On the contrary, you hope this is the beginning of the end of your friendship