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How to deal with an impossible infatuation


Infatuation is very interesting, but we all know that they are called infatuation for a reason. If your supporters know little about you, they will be sucked. You may have had a very interesting hanging, which was totally unexpected. It was a coincidence of fate that introduced you to everyone, making you feel that you may have just met the next plus. However, the timing is not right. They are always traveling, or just finishing a relationship, or starting a relationship, or dating is not their priority, and these one-time hanging is what they want. For whatever reason, you don't have their number. They didn't want you. Yes, you have common friends, but you dare not talk about your relationship with them, because you are afraid that they will run to your lover and sprinkle beans on your feelings. So you sit on their instagram and look at their instagram. Every time you see a new post, you will feel the heartstrings pulling and the stomach dropping. You know the only thing you can do is "calm down" and hope that one day you will be on the right track, the stars will be in order, it will be "great love" will be everything to you. At the same time, you can use the following tips to prevent your complete mental breakdown.

1。 Distract yourself.


make plans with friends, watch programs crazily, read books, make something you never wear in the closet to create something lovely and new. Focusing on other things will keep your mind from getting lost in your infatuation.

2。 Sports

seriously This will not only make all those endorphins that feel good jump, but also you will suddenly have a bang BOD, which will be amazing!

3。 One of the most difficult things to do is to have too many feelings for someone to express. So grab your friends, siblings, parents, hell and even a super driver will do it and leak it! It's a great release to tell others your core hobby, your heart can relax for a second.


4。 Put your energy into a hobby. We all have our own interests. Music, art, dance, help the environment Anyway Put in your extra energy. You'll make good things happen, and if / when your partner reappears, you'll look great because there's a lot going on in your life.

5。 Open up to dating others. It's hard to imagine liking someone else when you have a lover, but when you're waiting to see how things are going, say "yes" to the chance to date someone else. You may be surprised who stole your heart.

6。 Remember, sometimes it's best to leave a great memory as a one-time hang It's an unacceptable reality, but if they don't exchange numbers, they haven't read your instagram DM. It's basically disappeared in the air. Maybe it's time to let go and move on