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15 facts you don't know about notebooks


This notebook will always be one of the best romantic movies of all time. The story of Noah and Ellie is everything that the goal of the relationship represents. Without an ugly crying face, it would be impossible to watch the movie. To celebrate Valentine's day a few weeks later, take a look at these amazing facts about the movie that you don't know!

1. Before Ryan Gosling played Noah, Justin Timberlake and Tom Cruise were both considered for the role.


2。 Speaking of actors, Rachel McAdams didn't get the script until the night before the audition at the premiere of another film.

3。 All went well, as she beat Jessica bell, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears and Ashley Judd to become Allie's character. Ryan wears brown contact lenses to match the older version played by James Garner. For reference only: Ryan has blue eyes IRL.

5. To prepare for his role, Ryan lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and spends two months a day making furniture and rowing the Ashley river. Ryan's carpenter made it into a movie in the form of a dinner table where he sat with Allie.


7。 When Ryan hangs on the ferris wheel, you can see a microphone behind his shirt.

8。 Although they dated in real life, Ryan didn't like Rachel at first and tried to be replaced.

9。 One of the scenes in the movie is the background story of a real notebook. Before filming, Rachel spent some time in South Carolina, studying etiquette and ballet courses, and hired a dialect coach to master a credible southern accent.

11。 It was a mistake for Noah to bump into the gate of Ellie's summer resort, but it was saved because it was so well filmed.

12。 The first scene was seven years after Noah and Ellie met. During the winter vacation, Ryan had to lose 20 pounds of weight and beard to become a young version of Noah. The old version of Ellie is played by the director's mother, Gina Lorenz. James Marsden, who plays Allie's fiance, lon, thinks the notebook can't stand the test of time, admitting, "I thought this notebook would be the worst movie of the week - typing." At the end of the movie, Ryan improvised a sentence and said, "don't think about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want.". What did you want? “