Ha ha look at Matt Healy throwing smoke at the smokers

Maybe we love Matt Healy in 1975. His calm self-confidence and his ability not to take himself too seriously make it easy for him to get through any particular situation, which is why we have to laugh at the shadow he cast on chain smokers when he co hosts a BBC breakfast program. As we all know, chain smokers have been hit again and again in 2016, making them one of the most successful and popular partners. So when host Nick Grimshaw told Marty he was going to accompany the new single Paris, Marty smiled and said, "Oh, that would be rubbish. It will be rubbish. Put it on and let's see what it looks like. "

well, it sounds harsh, but in his tone and manner, he is unlikely to expect less than another smashed ear worm.

you can watch the video below to let us know if you think Marty's dis is the real shadow.