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Five worst ways to break up with someone


There will be heartbreak moments in our lives. Sometimes, you will stand on the receiving end, while others, you will deliver a heartbreaking message that you don't want to be with a plus sign anymore. However, if you're a person who kills your dreams, it's best to avoid any of the following.

1. ghosting


this is a super compression. If you put your time and energy into another person, they should get the end rather than the cold shoulder. Who knows that they will eventually become a good friend. Burning the bridge too early will lead to great regret along the way. If you do this, the super coward will move. The text may be misunderstood and insensitive, and anyone can block it. Don't tap the break-up button, summon up the courage to break up face-to-face.

3. If texting is a cowardly act, it's very unusual to let others do dirty work so that you can avoid uncomfortable conversations. If you lose interest, but don't want to be the one who breaks up, and feel like a bad person, you are really bad. Don't waste their time and feelings. It's a bad move.


5. quarrel with them to break up. It is true that

. A long pair, to tell the truth. If you're going to make up a reason to argue to end a relationship, you need a serious reality check