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How Much Should I Front Squat?


The front squat is a variation of the back squat, but the barbell is placed in front of the chest, not on the upper back. This will move your weight forward and require you to use your upper back muscles to keep the barbell in place. Although the front squat is better at developing four forces than the back squat, it is a more difficult lifting, so you can expect to use less weight than the back squat.


squat is part of the snatch and the Olympic clean and jerk. According to a general rule of thumb, according to Josh henkins, a conditioning expert, and Charles poliqun, a strength coach, your front squat should be about 85% of the amount you can squat down and lift up in your back. For example, if you can squat back 200 pounds for five repetitions, you should be able to squat forward 170 pounds for five repetitions. If you can squat 100 pounds on your back and repeat 20 times, your front squat should be 85 pounds, the same number of repetitions. To squat in front of you, first use a barbell that is slightly lower than your chest circumference. With the palm down grip (pronation), place the barbell on your chest and shoulders. At this starting position, your palm will face up and you will only place your first three fingers on the bar. Keep your elbows pointing to the wall in front of you and push them inward to the center of your body. Squat down as low as possible to allow the back of your thighs to contact your calves. Push the heel onto the floor to bring the body back to its starting position. Although there are several ways to use squat forward in training plan, experts like poliquin think squat forward should be trained in the range of one to six times. This is because the upper back muscle tissue can't stay in the right position for a long time. A sample training course is to lift eight groups twice, and rest between the two groups for two to three minutes. Once you are able to complete all eight sets in good condition, increase to three repetitions. After you can do eight groups of three repetitions, gain weight in the next exercise.


squat in front will bring great pressure to your wrist, so complete five groups of five repetitions under the condition of one empty bar to ensure that your wrist and forearm are fully warmed up. To help you get into a lower bottom position, wear a pair of shoes that raise the heel slightly. If you find the barbell pressure on your shoulders too much at first, try wearing two shirts to increase the padding on your shoulders.