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12 parks and entertainment quotes for this week


parks and entertainment is really one of the best TV shows ever. The famous sayings of the TV series can go on forever. To be honest, they are very important for the week before Thanksgiving after the election. Here are 12 great park and entertainment quotes that will help you through the rest of the week:

when you try to figure out how to deal with a handsome guy who is not entirely boyfriend material:


when everyone at work will not leave you:

when you realize that growing up is a bad behavior:

when you try to be wild, because Yolo:

when you stare at your bank statement, but you also try to use new shoes to eliminate post election confusion:

when you don't have a game, but anyway, you will get what belongs to you:


when you try to lock it for life:

when you can't find the strength to go to the gym:

when you try to stay away from social media Drama:

when you question how great, how powerful, and how intoxicated you are:

when you can't deal with cyber bullies:

when you count down to Happy Times Minutes: