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That's why you stop talking to your ex boyfriend


I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty, because after a bad breakup, I fell into the trap of talking to my ex boyfriend. I think we can be friends after two years of silence. Maybe he changed his way. I think our previous relationship just prepared us for the real thing. As a result, I was burned again. So to avoid the emotional pain I'm causing you, here's a healthy list of reasons why you should stop talking to your ex right away.

1. It's easy to remember good things, but there's a reason you're not together. Remember those bad things?


2。 Talking to your ex will only keep you away from the person you should be with.

3。 They are no longer worth your tears.

4。 Talking to them doesn't mean you can get back together.

5。 That is, know that they will never tell you what you want to hear.

6。 You should only be with people who really love you!


7。 You can be with your friends, not with your loser ex-wife.

8。 It's not right to torture yourself.

9。 If they say they still love you, but don't act like this, they just tie you together.

10。 They may have another love interest, they can't "lock" you in, just treat you as an emotional filler until they get what they really want.

11。 Your friend is looking at you behind your back.

12。 If they hurt you once, they won't have a problem doing it again.

13。 If you don't come forward, they will know that they can continue to treat you as garbage. Who would like to be treated as garbage?

14。 You have given them more than they are willing to give, more than they deserve.