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10 things come to mind when every girl is kissed


It's a big thing to kiss anyone for the first time. It could be someone you've been pressing on for a long time, or it could be a lucky kiss on a magical night. In any case, when you are going to close your lips with a dreamlike baby, there are several things going through a girl's mind, including

1。 God, there's a clear "the feeling that I'm going to kiss you happened, I don't know when he will go?"? "


2. Please note. Oh, shit, I hope my breath doesn't stink. What was the last thing I ate?

3。 Do I have gum or mint?

4。 I don't have gum or mints, shit. I wonder if there is a bathroom where I can gargle.

5。 God, I hope he doesn't have bad breath.


6。 What if he's a chatterbox?

7。 What if our kissing doesn't match?

8。 Uh... He's such a baby.

9。 I wonder if he thinks I'm sexier than his last girlfriend. I can't wait to tell you (please insert the name of BFF).