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#FBF & Chen became a first-class handsome boy


We've all seen the sad, sad disintegration of children's actors. Sometimes it's not great to be famous when you're young. But let's focus on the positive today! On this FBF, let's shout to all the cute little actors who have become the superstars in Hollywood games!

Ryan Gosling - he started at Mickey Mouse Club, and now he's basically every girl's favorite actor. #Don't worry.


Justin Timberlake - JT also started his acting career in Mickey Mouse Club. Then he ruled the world in New South Wales. Now he is married, a father and still an actor / solo artist. Dear JT!

Elijah Wood – little sweetheart, Elijah! All of the ring franchises are under his control and he's not hurt.

Neil Patrick Harris - NPH fights for victory. Dugi, the young doctor is still everyone's favorite superstar of singing, dancing and performing.

Joseph Gordon Levitt - remember JGL shaking the long hair on the third rock from the sun, appearing in each issue of pop magazine! Magazine? Now he's in Christopher Nolan's joints and playing Snowden!

Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo is a lovely child and an Oscar nominated talent. Now he's a very sexy man / Oscar winner.