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#Fbf9 trouser sisters gift


2005 and 2008 brought us two of the sweetest movies about friendship, growth and magic pants. You know what I'm talking about the sisterhood of travel pants ! What a wonderful group of films starring in absolutely brilliant (BFFs in real life) breckle lively, eportabrin, alixis Bradell, and American Ferreira . I mean, these bad women still dominate Hollywood games. But today at FBF, here are nine gifts from these classic friendship movies that perfectly summarize your findings:

when your friends tell you not to over think:


when you first fall in love:

and then when you try to explain the pain of breaking up:

the time you have It's your real self:

you can't put it together around your flower bud:

the time you find what you want in your life:

and the time you realize you have to do it alone:

the time you think clothes can make you bold:

[ *]Time when you don't have any work to do: