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10 throne game gifts to summarize your bad mood


We all have bad days Maybe everything is a failure, maybe you are in the PMS center, maybe you are quarreling with friends or lovers, which makes you look very popular. Before you fall out of the abyss, pull out all your favorite people and random strangers who walk through your path into the whirlpool of rage, take a picture and try to see the sun. If that doesn't work, then review the 10 games of power that perfectly package your bad mood and realize that it's all gravy. Live a good life!

when someone can't live with you:


when no one understands you:

when you're menstruating and your boyfriend / girlfriend eats your chocolate ice cream:

when your friend casts a shadow because you've attended many parties:


when you need it most, when your partner looks after them for you:

when you overdraw your bank account to buy pizza:

when your roommate has a family party, you must get up early:

when you try to win an impossible argument: