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Millie and Liam are predestined


With Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth likely to rekindle their romance, Hollywood is full of all kinds of love atmosphere. Of course, there's a reason why Miley and Liam broke up. We saw Miley become quite grumpy on social media and on the stage, but before you start shaking your head to protest this kind of reunion, here are 10 reasons why they are doomed to break up. They met when they were young and understood the pressures of living in the spotlight. They all have a huge heart and love for furry children. Their feelings for each other have never disappeared A symbol of true love.


4。 Miley's wild child character is the opposite of Liam's leisurely lifestyle The opposite is attractive!

5。 They all have their own independent and successful careers, which reduces the possibility of jealousy. Miley and Liam never spoke ill of each other.

7。 They don't have to go through all the awkward first dates to get to know your relationship stage.

8。 Their past relationship shows them what they shouldn't do for the second time. They don't let rumors and rumors affect them.

10。 There is no denying that they look absolutely amazing together.