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Why Connie Britton Gave up the Gym for Good


Connie Britton, 51, looks healthy, healthy and happy. Although many stars attribute their young appearance and physique to hard training in the gym, fashionable diet and cleaning, the "dirty John" star has a more relaxed way of health and fitness. In fact, Britton, a former aerobics coach, has largely changed her approach to health over the past decade. One of the big changes she's made? She doesn't go to the gym anymore.


Connie Britton's approach to health is simple. (picture: Matt winkelmeyer / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images)

in a recent health interview, Britton revealed all the secrets of her longevity, detailed her exercise, diet, skin care and meditation strategies - all of which are fully feasible.

Britton explained that when she was in her 20s, auditioning for a role on the sidewalk, she taught Aerobics in New York, taking classes or high impact aerobics and aerobics - which she no longer liked. &I spent a lot of time in the gym, but now I really like a kind of physical and mental exercise, and it's easier to do it outdoors - swimming, hiking or yoga, she explained. A 2011 study found that exercising outdoors can improve your overall mental health compared to exercising indoors. It can also make you feel more energetic, increase energy and active participation, and reduce tension, confusion, anger and depression. Outdoor exercisers are also happier than those who exercise indoors, claiming they are more likely to repeat the activity later. As part of her physical and mental exercise, she also relies on meditation. &"Meditation, breathing, connecting to my own center," she said. &It could take 10 minutes; it could be in the car while I'm driving, or it could take a deep breath before I'm ready for a scene. It's more noisy than the outside world. It's a very important tool for me, she added.

according to the star, is this another beautiful reward to open up Zen? &"I really believe it helps with wrinkles," she insisted. "We can change our body chemistry through meditation." In addition to the benefits Britton mentioned, meditation can relieve stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, help you deal with emotions and make you a better listener.



Britton reveals that she has done a lot of cleaning work over the years. It also relies on diet, such as raw food diet and blood type diet, to keep fit. However, a radical change in her eating habits is not as effective as when she was young. &"Now that I'm 50, it's not easy," she explained. &I used to be able to exercise or change what I ate, and I was fine in a few days, but that's no longer the case. I'm at a new stage and I haven't figured it out yet. Why is Britton's old method no longer effective? As we get older, our bodies lose muscle, which slows down our metabolism. As a result, the USDA recommends that people in their 50s eat fewer calories than people in their 40s. She found that at this stage of her life, abstinence was the key, and she insisted on a fairly clean diet. &I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and clean protein. One thing she tried to avoid was sugar, explaining that it was a drug for her. &"It affects not only my weight, but also my body chemistry," she said. &Although if I could eat chocolate biscuits or any real chocolate, I would be a very happy camper. &Quote;

keep a simple beauty plan

Britton claims that her beauty secret is to keep it simple. &"I have an embarrassing simple routine," she explained. &I do have some potions. I take them at night and in the morning. I fell in love with the pretty count. But I'm simple. I'm so bored! &Self acceptance is the key. Britton is the first to admit that her body looks different from the 51 year old 30 years ago, but she is learning to accept it. &What they said is true. Your body has really changed. "When my skin is uncomfortable, I definitely feel that way," she said. &When you were in your 40s, you had this really acquired grounded wisdom, and your body was still recognizable. In your 40s, it's like what happened? &But I'm not very strict with myself. I allow myself to feel sexy. We must be patient with ourselves. We have been developing. &Quote;

is a good suggestion for anyone!