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Who was Ariana Grande caught kissing? !!!


Hey, Wednesday! You really come back to our life with lightning speed! Let's see what's popular online! At the chanel fashion show in Paris, a photographer was with Carla divai while shooting. I mean, I can't blame that girl.


hunger game: the second episode trailer of mockingjay finally dropped. Nuf said. Peek down here!

Arianna Grande accidentally posted a video on instagram about her kiss with her own Polaroid Giles. No need to read anything, people They are just friends! Ha ha... The love of

Kylie Jenner and tyga is stronger than ever before. The rapper brought the young queen to the stage on his recent CSU Northridge show, and the audience screamed wildly. Yes... The two will never break up soon.

for the tenth anniversary of twilight, the author Stephanie Meyer has rewritten the book "exchanging the roles of Edward and Bella". Watch out for Edes and Bo! Ha ha