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Sooo &; nilena &; may be another thing &;


Thursday A little like flying this week! Let's see what's buzzing on the world wide web! There was a big stir in Tinseltown, and Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez could rekindle their romance years ago. TBH... I kind of hope it will happen! In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lindsay Lohan's "parents' trap", Sita, a struggling former child, made a new iconic photo. Before we went to the party and took drugs, she first introduced us the cute little face of queban, and her career failed due to her drinking and wrong choice.


hunger game actress and activist amandla Stenberg is coming to us in the form of comics! She is co writing "naobi", which tells the story of a half elf and half human warrior. She not only takes saving the world as her mission, but also takes her experience as a way to discover her real self. Sounds terrible!

in the unfortunate couple news Avril Lavigne broke up with Nick Baker two years after her marriage.

after the collapse of Anna after the Vmas performance, Justin Bieber came to the woods for meditation and life thinking. Of course, he recorded it all on instagram.