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Taylor Swift's newest player is the coolest


It's a quick weekend, isn't it?! Let's see what the buzz is only when we start a brand new week! Last weekend, Kelly Jenner released an instagram about herself and corn, which made her hair stand on end. The cultural significance of the hairstyle to African American culture upset the hunger game actress Amanda Stenberg, who made Kelly crazy.


the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mara Yusuf Zai, survived a vicious attack by the Taliban because she advocated the right of girls to education and opened a school for girls in Lebanon to celebrate her 18th birthday. She can't inspire! If Taylor Swift doesn't have the craziest girl gang on the planet, all it needs to do is sing a tribute to Jennifer Lawrence at the San Diego comic convention at the end of last week. Ah... First-class! Peep at the clip below!

Justin Bieber has deleted and apologized for the photo of his butt that he posted on instagram last week. Obviously he's looking for young followers who aren't ready to accept it. It's nice to see Justin become a more mature and calm person. Of course, we don't need a cute dog GIF, because we all need a reason to smile on Monday.