Top 10 haunted bars and restaurants in the United States

call all stimulus seekers! We dare you to have Halloween dinner in the haunted bars and restaurants of this country. But be prepared when you step in the door: you may see a grimace in the mirror, or feel cold fingers brushing your skin. We have collected 10 of the most popular haunted places in the country, from the smallest to the largest, in a weird order. If you are a healthy eater who likes to indulge yourself from time to time, please continue to read our selection of the best menu items... Including the curl up experience.

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10. Salem, Ma: Turner's seafood

you may not think that the smell of apples will pass through a seafood restaurant, but this is exactly the spirit of Bridget bishop, the first woman executed for witchcraft in Salem in the 17th century, sometimes revealed. It is said that the apple garden where she performed the mantra is just below the Turner seafood restaurant. You can see ghosts in the window, in the mirror or on the stairs. Suddenly cold? It could be Bridget. Warm up with a bowl of classic New England Clam Chowder or order a Portuguese stew of vegetables, seafood and Korean sausage (both soups are gluten free). If you want to experience more adventures, sit at the oyster bar and see how the food in front of you peels and cooks.

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9. Jerome, Arizona: Asylum restaurant

when you have dinner with 9000 ghosts in the asylum restaurant, you will be the life of the party. Most of these restless souls are former patients in hospital shelters, which served the stormy mining communities of the 19th century. Now part of the Jerome Hotel, the restaurant is crammed into the former entrance area. Historical furnishings and white tablecloths give the restaurant a romantic atmosphere, with only the ghosts tapping on your shoulders or the faint whispers breaking in your ears. Try the prickly pear baked Pacific salmon and swim in the bed of tomato sauce, fried leek, brown rice and vegetables. Do you need to leave your dinner? Sign up for the post meal spiritual tour of the hospital. You can even use modern ghost hunting devices to locate and communicate with ghosts.

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8. Chicago, IL: when you see the modern brick facade of the Red Lion bar, you might think you're in the wrong place to be haunted. But don't be fooled: Although the 19th-century buildings that had stood in place had been demolished, it didn't drive away the ghosts. In 1934, federal agents ambushed and shot the thug John Dillinger in an alley opposite the restaurant. You may feel him wandering around here. Or you might be locked in a 1920's toilet by a fender, or face to face with the late father of the current restaurateur. Is there any appetite? Enjoy the British cuisine in the restaurant, including rich soup and salad. The lion's reputation is its fish and chips, characterized by tender, malt liquor beat cod. Add a portion of Brussels sprouts and bacon and cook in reduced malt vinegar.

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7. New York: in 1813, 29 year old Theodosia burr set sail from Southern California to visit her father, the infamous vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr, at the estate of New York City. Although her ship failed, Theodosia did not let her watery grave stop her. Her soul, along with her father's, is the most active of about 20. It is said that in the carriage house before burr, one is on land and two are on the sea. Others show their presence through often gruesome and difficult actions - turning lights on or off, smashing plates and tilting pictures. White tablecloth restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants of big apple. Savor mouth watering entrees such as two venison servings with roasted sweet potatoes, brandy cherries and roasted Brussels sprouts. Credit: one for land transportation and two for sea transportation. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: J. Bruner in the haunted house

J. Bruner in the haunted house has all the components of a terrible night. With dinner only open, you may be driving a mile long dirt road in dim light (if not completely dark) to the stone tower of the 1930s. The branches of the giant oak tree reach to the second floor window like giant claws, casting a terrifying shadow on the occasional stormy night. Before the start of a new restaurant life in 1964, the mansion had a series of murders on 2.5 acres in the 1960s. If you hear a voice without substance whispering, "Oh, no," rest assured, it's certainly not about food. Enjoy USDA's selection of rib eye, filet mignon, rib and grilled steak. If you like seafood, you can find lobster, shrimp, perch and shrimp on the menu.

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5. Portland, Oregon: the old downtown area of Portland, Pisa, is a charming tourist attraction, full of antiques and rural decoration. Add the story of a murdered prostitute and an unfortunate sailor hanging in the tunnel below, and you get a recipe as delicious as the famous ghost pie in the restaurant. It includes black pepper chicken, pepper, mushrooms and basil, as well as cream sauce. Wash with green ghost Martini (made up of lime, gin and Chartres). But don't forget to pay attention to Nina, where she met a prostitute with an untimely ending. She was wearing a black dress and floated and smelled of perfume. She can even spell a message out of a bowl of Scrabble boards. New Orleans, La: Brennan's white tablecloth, crystal chandeliers and cheerful pastel decorations make Brennan one of the last places you want to see ghosts. But given its location in the French Quarter of New Orleans, it may not be surprising. Two ghosts are former employees. The ghost of former chef Paul Blanche often touches the kitchen staff because he makes sure the food meets his standards. Order wine and you may be recommended by the late wine guru Herman funk, who knocks the bottle in the cellar to convey his choice. Taste the recipe of the same name of ghost chef, bosenbranchi: it's a slow roasted Bay seafood with anise mashed potato sauce. Start your dinner in the afternoon in death, a cup of golden rooster tailWine, with sparkling wine and lemon juice.

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3. Savannah, GA: head to moon river brewery's bar and you may find yourself rubbing elbows with a ghost. Built in 1821 as part of a city hotel, the bar has witnessed four devastating urban fires, epidemics, military battles and a series of bloody bar fights. Moreover, in fact, it is one of the most haunted cities in the country. Be careful of the lady in white she may push you down the stairs. There are also vicious shadow figures and a series of naughty children's spirits. Make your own burger out of 8 ounces of organic herbivore beef to relax your nerves. Or try wild North Atlantic salmon (including oranges, red onions and goat cheese) that perch on a haricot vert salad.

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2. Key West, Florida: Captain Tony's

morgue, hanging tree, natural disaster, murder, suicide. Any one is enough to haunt a place. Captain Tony has seen it all - and more. It used to be an icehouse and morgue, and soon included a hanging tree, where pirates and a female murderer met with misfortune. There are 16 tombs under the pool, and the tombstones stand out. Ernest Hemingway goes to the bar every afternoon. Try to call a drink with the same name as him, father duble, to arouse his spirit. This is a low sugar liqueur, made from grapefruit juice and maracino. Long beach, California: Queen Mary has dinner at Sir Winston's restaurant on the permanently docked Queen Mary. The most romantic thing is dinner. Unless, of course, you hear the scream of a ghost who has been burned in his oven. Taste sea view and nutritional menu options such as vegetable Wellington. Once you're full, set out to see the countless ghosts on board. But please note that Queen Mary is not called "ghost ship" for no reason. As you walk around the boat, you may feel cold touch, or hear unexplained laughter or whispers. You should always pay attention to the ghosts, including a drowning child, a sailor crushed by the door, and 338 sailors crushed by the ship's propeller. Queen Mary once split her escort ship in two. With so much going on, it's no wonder Queen Mary is at the top of our list! What do you think of Queen Mary? Do you believe in ghosts? Would you like to eat in one of these places? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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