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12 vegetarian breakfasts everyone likes


When mom tells you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, she is right. A large number of studies now support this wise suggestion. Research has found that breakfast can not only activate your metabolism throughout the day, but also help you better control your weight, reduce the risk of stroke, and perform better mentally and physically. In addition, breakfast is also very busy these days! " "All day" breakfast is a trend sweeping the country. When you don't often doze off the alarm clock, the food you usually eat will become more and more popular! But eggs and bacon are obviously not suitable for vegetarianism. So what about a plant centered, bacon resistant eater? Try these 13 vegetarian breakfasts - morning, noon or evening.

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1. If you are a fan of the holy combination of chocolate and mint, or you are a lover of milkshake - or both, this is a necessary recipe! There is no ice cream or other dairy ingredients in it, but you won't guess from its sweetness. Cream flavors come from coconut milk drinks, avocados and hemp seeds, and dessert flavors come from cocoa powder, fresh mint leaves and pure vanilla and mint extracts. Hemp seeds help to increase the protein and omega-3 fatty acids of smoothies. If you want to know: No, marijuana won't make you excited! But the high content of this smoothie comes from the natural sweetness of jujube. Calories: 487

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2. Plain cocoa pancakes with raspberry sauce can't be good for you, right? Wrong! The veggies are based on whole wheat pasta, cocoa and chili seeds, which promote fiber and antioxidant intake. Raspberry has more fiber and vitamin C added to its top, not to mention providing far less calories than traditional pancake syrup (one tablespoon per tablespoon). But in this kind of comfortable breakfast food, the taste will not be ignored. Tip: you may need to do twice or triple the top of the raspberry as your mind will be blown! Calories: 309

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3. Mexican meat breakfast packaging


Mexican food is not just reserved for lunch or dinner: it can also be an eye opening way to start your day. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be spicy. Say "Buenos DIAS" to this! You can add a mixture of fried organic tofu, scallion, Mexican BICO and black beans to the whole wheat (or germinated whole wheat) tortilla. The combination of fiber and protein is really satisfying. But more! Avocado is a delicious cream, heart-friendly choice. You can wrap it up in any way you want. You'll love how papaya creates a sweet tropical flavor when paired with it. May delicio! Calories: 422

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Credit: span> Jackie nextg / levistangs> > H3> 4. Peanut butter "French toast" with simple BlackBerry syrup

most children (and adults!) In America, when they gobble up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they don't realize they are vegetarians. But when it comes to egg free bread (by the way, most sliced bread is egg free), Pb & J sandwiches are a quick vegetarian lunch option. How about breakfast? " "Rules" are meant to be broken, so do it! Or, if you're a "law-abiding" breakfast person, make this version. It's like French toast. On a flat baked peanut butter sandwich, you'll drench it with heated fruit, which will turn into syrup when heated. Be sure to buy natural peanut butter and fruit jam, no sugar, the best health bet. Calories: 429

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5. Spicy tempeh, chili and sweet potato chowder are basically a mess. Yes, it's one of the literal definitions. Although it is usually made of white potatoes and can be used as a greasy side dish, there are many ways to make a hodgepodge. This is an exciting, equally confusing version based on sweet potatoes, which creates attractive eye appeal and improves beta carotene. Stir fry sweet potatoes with olive oil and chili, jalapeno, onion, garlic and rosemary. Tempeh is a plant protein that makes it the main dish. A little apple vinegar can create a balance in the mouth. Absolutely make this messy dish your routine - even if you're a neat freak! Calories: 261

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6. Open an "egg salad" on pumpernickel bagels. Yes, bagels are carbohydrate centered. But no, they don't make people fat at all. A healthy way to enjoy a large L'Oreal bakery style bagel is to serve its open face. In other words, you get half the carbs from half a bagel. (we promise that this will be the only gourmet math class today!) Next, choose whole grains as much as possible. Then add nutritious ingredients to make it a completely satisfying main course. (goodbye, cream cheese) the tempting ingredients here are inspired by egg salad, but organic tofu is rich in protein. Make it like cream and salad, it's mixed with Vegan mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, shallot, tarragon, Jicama (a little crunchy) and spices. (tip: eat some ingredients with a fork first!) Calories: 235

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7. Peach and cream coconut quinoa oatmeal bowl

combine the concept of peach and cream dessert with breakfast bowl oatmeal, and the result is sweet! This blissful, comfortable oatmeal is made from oatmeal andIt's made of quinoa, with charming texture and rich nutrition. Coconuts are divided into four different ways - coconut sugar, oil, milk and chips - to really celebrate this unique plant food. (Note: due to the low glycemic index, the effect of coconut sugar on blood glucose may be smaller than that of white sugar.) Peaches provide the rest of the natural sweetness. Do this in spring and summer when the fuzzy fruit is at its peak of ripeness and juiciness. Calories: 378


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8. The burnt vegetarian Porto Bello steak breakfast sandwich can be an ultra fast breakfast. For some, it means throwing an over processed frozen pick into the microwave or heading straight to a fast food restaurant. These choices are rarely vegetarians. So here's a plant-based breakfast sandwich that makes your teeth natural and delicious. Between toasted whole wheat English muffins, you can enjoy cream vegetarian cashew cheese, crisp red onion, lemon cheese and flat bottom burnt Porto Bello mushroom hat. Mushrooms taste amazing in bakoney, thanks in part to smoked peppers. Of course, it's good for you! Calories: 349

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9. There are pita chips in the Middle East fry bowl, so tofu is a boring tofu at first. But when it becomes fried tofu, it becomes a big and delicious dish! All you have to do is fry organic tofu in olive oil with sea salt and turmeric. Turmeric provides a striking golden tone. Curcumin is a natural pigment in this soil flavor, which has anti-inflammatory effect and may play a beneficial role in the prevention of inflammatory diseases. But this Middle Eastern meal is more than just fried tofu. You'll add chickpeas and vegetables, sesame and harisa on top, and whole wheat pita chips on top. It's not boring! Calories: 348

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10. Banana and Breakfast pudding bowl for one night, with cocoa beans and nuts

breakfast pudding? Of course! When it's 100% plant-based, it makes an excellent morning repair, especially when the top is heart-friendly with cocoa nibs and nuts. Cocoa beans provide polyphenols, while peanuts provide some protein. The pudding itself is a mixture of bananas, coconut milk drinks, Chia seeds (which provide more protein), coconut nectar, vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt. However, perhaps the most popular part of the recipe is when it was made. You have to get it ready at night and cool it down; all you have to do in the morning is eat it up. You can almost do this by sleepwalking! Calories: 417

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11. Green toast

this simple and delicious main course is a green celebration you can enjoy at any time. The recipe begins with whole wheat or sprouted whole wheat toast, topped with avocados. Then you dress it up to be super satisfying. It's a protein packed plant pick. Don't just stay at one point. Here, you'll find a good double dose of protein filled from roasted pistachios and rosemary accented Maodou. The addition of basil provides fresh fragrance and extra delicacy. Your taste buds will be fascinated. Calories: 407

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12. The delicious Tuscan oatmeal

ribose is a classic stew based on white beans, vegetables and remaining bread. Like the best Tuscany in the bowl. But Soup for breakfast sounds strange. So here you will find a bowl of rich ribose style oatmeal, not 100% delicious. Oats work like bread. Plus beans, you get a lot of soluble fiber, which helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Best of all, you will still get the essence of Tuscany cuisine. This delicious recipe is a clever way to get vegetables in the morning, not to mention whole grains and beans. You must also like a pot of rice! Calories: 333

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What do you think? Do you think breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Why or why not? Do you have breakfast for lunch or dinner? What is your favorite vegetarian breakfast main course? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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