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Ten gluten free foods



in August 2014, FDA's labeling requirements for gluten free foods took effect. Before the ruling, the word "gluten free" on food packaging was arbitrary. With this new rule, the term means the same in all products: gluten free foods must contain less than twenty parts per million (PPM) of gluten. However, just because a food is labeled gluten free doesn't mean it's better for you. " Gluten free products have a "healthy aura" around them. Although there are many healthy gluten free foods on the market, just as many foods are mostly made of refined grains and starches, these foods cannot provide too much nutrition in terms of nutrition, "said Rachel started, M.S., RDN, a gluten free lifestyle expert. To make things easier, three nutrition experts shared their favorite gluten free food.

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1. Explore authentic Asian food organic bean noodles Now we have healthy gluten free food. " There are some pasta made of pure beans and water on the market. I like them not only because they are gluten free, but also because they are delicious and nutritious. They have a mild to neutral flavor and will take any flavor outline you want. Unlike gluten free and regular pasta made from refined grains, these bean based pasta are rich in fiber and B vitamins, which are often lacking in regular gluten free diets. In addition, their protein content is much higher than that of cereals based pasta (gluten free or normal), which increases the endurance of pasta, "said Rachel started, M.S., RDN. One of the first brands to like is to explore authentic Asian cuisine, made of 100% organic beans and water.

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and removing gluten free means avoiding grains like wheat, barley and rye. Some healthy grains are naturally gluten free. Quinoa is a kind of delicious and healthy grain, which is naturally gluten free and rich in protein, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. It's not surprising that quinoa is good for health. It's the only whole protein plant food that can provide all the necessary amino acids and maintain a healthy balance. " "Ancient harvest" provides a simple side dish, rich in quinoa, amaranth and millet nutrition, rich in protein and fiber, can supplement any diet, "said Laura field, the owner and founder of the feed, MIT. The grain harvested in ancient times was also organic and non genetically modified. " "Ancient harvest products were not processed pasta, but a fiber rich, energy intensive option," field added.

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although gluten free bars have been on the market for some time, the latest is their bold taste of strong & kind bar. " A good nutritional profile can be found in the physical bar, which provides flavors that will also wake up your taste buds, like the strong and kind Thai sweet pepper flavor, "said Lola O'Rourke, M.S., RDN, education manager of gluten intolerance group. Offering a delicious alternative to all sweet bars on the market, strong and kind bars are made up of whole ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, pea chips and spices, and offer 10 grams of protein per bar. Other flavors include honey mustard, pecan smoke, grilled jalapeno and honey smoked barbecue.

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4. Quinoa burgers

and ground beef and ground turkey don't contain gluten. Processed veggie burgers and other veggie choices often cause problems for those who want to eat more plant-based diets. " Until recently, vegetarians and vegetarians didn't choose to be very gluten free, "says Rachel, start, M.M., RDN. Started is happy to see more healthy gluten free vegetarians on the market, such as the qrunch quinoa burger. Hamburgers are made of quinoa, millet, organic vegetables and coconut oil. Each hamburger contains 190 calories. Qrunch burgers are also popular with children, providing healthy vegetarians and vegetarians with and without gluten.

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5. Traditionally, when a food manufacturer removes gluten or produces a gluten free product, it is made from lower value food ingredients, including cassava flour, potato starch, rice flour and other refined flour lacking beneficial nutrition. " The characteristics of wheat flour make it an ideal product for bread, cereal and biscuit. So if you don't have wheat, you have to add fat, sugar, and other ingredients to make it taste, feel, and behave like wheat in your food, "says Lara field, however, if you want the crunch of a cookie, field recommends newford carrot flax cookies. They only have three ingredients, clean and simple! Flax with omega-3, no sweeteners or processed extra ingredients. The three ingredients of carrot and flax biscuit are golden flaxseed, carrot and salt. Biscuits are organic and contain fiber, vitamin A, healthy fats and minerals. Other non nuclear food additives include green energy sesame snapshot, diesel energy snapshot and wolfberry energy snapshot.

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Credit: the steel cut oats with raisins, flax and Chia produced by UDI company, although the pure oats do not contain gluten, the main problem for people to avoid using gluten is that commercial oats are often polluted. Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that process wheat, barley, and rye, so a box of oats purchased by a store is unlikely to be gluten free. Fortunately, there is now a quick and easy choice of oatmeal, which not only does not contain gluten, but also provides additional health benefits. " UDI's steel cut oats with gooseberry, flax and flax provide whole wheat (a good source of fiber to help children and adults feel energetic throughout the day), and they add omega-3 from flaxseed and flaxseed, in addition to gooseberry, whichMay contribute to inflammation and heart disease, "Lara field, M.S., Rd.

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7. Tanka bars

although it's traditionally a challenge to eat gluten free food on the road, there are more and more gluten free and protein rich convenience foods that provide you with a healthy choice and keep you full of energy until the next meal. " For a flavor bar that is more like dried meat, there is a similar nutritional profile. Try the Tanka bar, which is also relatively high in protein. "Lolaoruk, M.S., RDN are recommended. Bar only 70 calories, the main ingredients are dry Buffalo, vanilla and fruit. These bars are low-fat, hormone free, nitrate free and, of course, gluten free. Flavors include slow smoke, spicy pepper and apple orange peel.

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8. Would you like a gluten free vegetarian alternative? This has been quite a challenge. " Older versions of vegan substitutes usually contain gluten and other ingredients I don't like in my food. However, the new generation of minced meat substitutes offers certified gluten free foods with very healthy ingredients. " "My real favorite brand is clean, and you can add water and eggs to a mixture of ground nuts, beans, gluten free whole grains and spices to make a truly delicious ground meat alternative," he added. Vegan products do not contain vegetarians or soybeans.

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9. Pacific food quinoa vegetable soup

traditionally, soup may cause problems for those who do not have gluten, because soup usually contains wheat starch as a thickener. " Sometimes it's hard to find a stable, healthy soup option, "said M.S., R & D. But soup with some new gluten free vegetarian options. Field recommends Pacific foods' quinoa vegetable soup, which is made of organic vegetables, including chopped onions, tomatoes and red bell peppers, as well as protein rich quinoa, herbs and spices. " It's a low-fat, fiber filled and iron packaging, "field said. I'm glad to see more healthy vegetarian convenience food for those who go to gluten free.

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10. Epic 100% grass fed animal protein bars

although most of the energy bars are made of soybeans or nuts, the unique feature of epic bars is that they are made of active substances, providing real animal protein, such as 100% grass fed bison, beef, Turkey or lamb. Benefits: "while many energy bars (gluten free or gluten free) are rich in carbohydrates and sugar, they don't contain protein, they are the opposite. Significant protein content will help you stay full longer, "says Lola O'Rourke, M.S., RDN. The taste of meat is balanced by the addition of dried cranberries, almonds and spices. A turkey bar contains 150 calories, but provides 14 grams of protein.

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Credit: provided by epic bar What do you think? Do you eat a gluten free diet? If so, why? Have you tried the gluten free food recommended in this article? Please leave a comment below and let us know. Share how you try to live a healthier life, and maybe your experience will inspire others.

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