Nine ways to make sweet potato chips will surprise you

Believe it or not, you can have French fries. Sweet potato chips, that's it! When you change white potatoes into sweet potatoes, you add a lot of nutritional value. If you bake them instead of frying them, they will be healthier. Sweet potato is rich in β - carotene, B vitamins, potassium, fiber and phosphorus. For these recipes, I use white, garnet and purple varieties. Purple is the least sweet, so I use them with delicious ingredients, while white and orange are a good match for sweetness or delicacy. Now look at these nine recipes and you will be surprised!

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basic formula

this basic formula is applicable to all formulas, no matter what type of sweet potato or ingredients you use. You can use any neutral oil, but I use seaweed oil because it's rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and has a 485 degree smoke point, so high temperature won't oxidize the oil. Put the skin on it and get as much nutrition as possible. Basic recipe: cut 5 cups (2 medium) sweet potatoes into 1 / 4 inch wide strips, 1 1 / 2 tbsp seaweed oil, 1 / 2 tbsp salt. Preheat to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. Drop half the oil on a parchment lined baking pan. Lay the sweet potato strips flat and sprinkle with salt and remaining oil. Bake for 35 minutes, turn to half.

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cinnamon coconut sugar chips

the glycemic index of coconut sugar is lower than that of other sugars, but some health experts say that the glycemic index has nothing to do with sweeteners. But everyone agrees that the fructose content of coconut sugar is lower than that of other sweeteners. The less fructose you eat, the better. It tastes like brown sugar, but has a dry white texture. Here, I mix it with cinnamon to create a nostalgic chocolate like atmosphere, but also because cinnamon helps lower blood sugar. (ancient, vegetarian, gluten free, and cereal free)

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dark chocolate strawberry French fries

if you are proud of the combination of chocolate and sweet potato, you will not be alone. Although it's not quite mainstream, "sweet potato chips" are definitely something people start to appreciate. Dark chocolate provides a blow to cocoa powder, which contains feel good chemicals, and strawberries provide fiber and antioxidants. These are fillings, so you can eat them as snacks or after a very light meal! (ancient, vegan, gluten free, and cereal free) related:

complete Recipes: dark chocolate, strawberry chips, and their soaking water. With a pinch of salt and a little cinnamon, it's a little angry. Salt counteracts the sweetness of jujube, while cinnamon makes its caramel color more standard and reduces the sugar influence of jujube on blood. You can use any dry fruit, nut or seed you like. (ancient, vegetarian, gluten free and grain free)

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corn chip French fries

corn chips are great, but what people who eat corn chips really like is crisp and sticky melted cheese, salsa and other dip able, messy ingredients. Here, I changed cornflakes into purple sweet potatoes and yoghurt into Greek yoghurt, so the result is healthier than ordinary cornflakes. I didn't add beans, because sweet potato has a high carbohydrate content, but if you want, you can also throw beans on it! Before baking, put them in with cheese and hot sauce. (vegetarian, gluten free, cereal free).

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Mini meatball fries

this lovely appetizer is actually screaming "party time!" The secret is to form meatballs, pierce them with chopsticks, and then put them into fried food. You can dip them in regular ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise, but meatballs are interesting enough to taste great on their own. Ground beef and ground turkey are mixed to make the richness of beef equal to the lightness of Turkey, and almond powder replaces any starch. (old, gluten free and cereals) - related: full recipe: Mini meatball chips are a great choice for those who want creamy sauces that don't contain wheat or dairy products. Onions and garlic powder are the taste and flavor of Alfredo Sauce, so don't skip these ingredients! Steamed broccoli gives the dish a "baked potato in a pouch" feel and provides vitamin K, folic acid and vitamin C (ancient, vegetarian, gluten free and cereals) that promotes collagen.

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purple sweet potato is the best choice of this classic French fries because it is the least sweet of all varieties. Fresh raw garlic contains a huge fragrance, with antibacterial and good immunity. Parmesan cheese, with its sharpness against the strong taste of garlic, creates an appetizer that is as delicious as a fried white version. It's an interesting start, the feeling of eating garlic fries without extra oil for a meal or a great side dish. (vegetarian, gluten free, cereal free).

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chili chips

this recipe is very suitable for chili leftovers. I use the leftovers from my chipotle chorizo white bean and chili recipe: it's rich and rich, and with a lot of calories, sweet potato chips will help to be round. You can easily make a vegan dish using one of the vegan chili recipes on the slide (see link below) or your own favorite recipe. (excluding dairy products, gluten and grains) correlation:

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cheddar cheese chips

what is better than pure cheese sauce? Quick answer: a kind of pure cheese sauce on sweet potato chips, which itself contains sweet potato! Cheese sauce also contains cashews, and sweet potatoes are perfect for rounding their nut weight. Steam a small amount of sweet potato and mix it with cashew nuts and seasoning to make the whole sauce lighter and add a bright orange color closer to the "real" cheese sauce. It's a carnivore.And dairy consumers also like the sauce, so there's no need to be a vegetarian to try it! (ancient, vegan, gluten free, and cereal free) related: complete recipe: cheddar cheese chips. Which recipe are you going to try? Do you have a unique recipe for sweet potato chips? Do you like sweet or delicious French fries? Please leave a message below to let us know the result of your chips!

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