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The most dangerous diet in history



Atkins, South Beach, area. No matter what the name is, there are some foods that everyone knows and recognizes. Some people love them, some hate them, but most of them have a successful plan that won't threaten your health. (even if you don't agree with the strategy) a real diet is sustainable and easy to maintain within your lifestyle preferences. There are other diets. Call it fashion or quick fix, but they're the last thing your body needs. Here are 11 of the worst diets ever, and the unconventional ways they can help you lose weight. We guarantee that this is very real and disturbing. Since the beginning of the 20th century, tapeworm has been called the weight-loss method of dieters by the market. This diet is quite self-evident: you take a bug (or a pill to help the bug grow in your body), and then the bug helps you reduce your appetite and let you lose weight. Once you reach your goal, you need to take medicine to kill insects. It's not diet, it's disease. Thankfully, the FDA has banned this method and pills that help your body produce tapeworms. (although some people still regard eating worms as a quick and dangerous way)

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soup recipe

there are several variants of this method the most popular version is cabbage or chicken soup. The general premise is: breakfast first, then soup for the rest of the time. Is it easy? Of course. Is it healthy? Not so much. Any good diet requires you to eat food that provides the best nutrition for your body. It's just a heat limit. You may lose weight, but in the process, you will cause harm to your body, and the possibility of regaining weight is very high.

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grapefruit juice diet

you may be surprised to find that this diet can be traced back to the 1930s. It is recommended that you enjoy all the foods you like. There are no restrictions on butter, seasoning or fried foods. Who doesn't want to lose weight with this diet plan? The plan insists that you should eat what you like, stress protein and fat, limit carbohydrates, and then eat 64 ounces of grapefruit juice a day. Juice should combine with protein to speed up your fat burning ability. Unfortunately, science has put pressure on this theory, and no research has proved the bold claims of this magical method. And celebrity diet, which was founded by famous coach Tracy Anderson, trained stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Jack Gyllenhaal. But she has also won praise for creating a diet that emphasizes eating 14 cans of baby food a day and then having a "real" dinner, if you like. Given that baby food has very low calories, it's easy to see that anyone can lose weight through such a program. But the plan has also been criticized for its lack of adult nutrition and may increase the likelihood of overeating. Credit: Getty Images

hCG diet

you may know that hormones will affect your weight gain and weight loss ability, but this diet needs hormone therapy to reach a new level. In the hCG diet, you can inject, ingest, or apply a cream to the body to absorb hCG hormone, which happens to come from the human placenta. The idea is that hCG can open up your fat cells and allow you to burn fat from trouble. The problem is: there is no valid evidence. The weight-loss method has shown weight-loss effect, but it is likely to be because it only needs 800 calories a day. More importantly, it is associated with a variety of health problems, including ovarian hyperstimulation, a life-threatening disease. Credit: Getty Images

biscuit diet

we will honestly say that any diet should have treatment allowance. But what about a dessert centered diet? That's another story. The biscuit diet relies on a basic, seemingly appetizing premise: eat six biscuits a day, then finish the day with dinner. Got it? Cookies are not exactly your mother's recipe, because most cookies contain some form of meat protein. (yes, meat protein) this diet works for some people, but only because you need to eat about 800 to 1000 calories a day. But it's not a sustainable plan. Biscuits don't taste good. They may make you want to eat real food in a short time. Credit: Getty Images

proline diet

many people remember that the 1970s was an experimental period, and this reputation must be tenable in nutrition. The prolinn diet was created by Roger Linn, a doctor who claims to have a weight-loss solution. His diet includes nothing, which is a problem in itself (not a real diet). But he added a special twist: a 400 calorie drink he called "proline," a magical potion made up of slaughterhouse byproducts, including horns, hooves and tendons. Diet is associated with heart attacks and various health problems.

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eat what you want

have you read a book and want to know the accuracy of the content? This is a question many people ask after reading Dr. Herman lettel's "calories don't count." On the face of it, this diet seems "ancient," including foods rich in fat and protein. Odin and avoid all carbohydrates. But there's a small caveat: you also have to eat all the food and vegetable oil pills, which should have contributed to fat loss. The pill didn't work as promised, and the doctor was later convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy related to his product.

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kimkins weight loss method

when a magazine called weight loss method "better than gastric bypass surgery", people often pay attention to it. That's what happens when the women's world praises the kingkins diet, another low calorie approach that is said to lead to safe weight loss. This diet is not much different from the other ones on the list: eat only 800 calories a day and take laxatives. The recipe has supporting documents and the results are all false. Heidi Diaz, the creator, turned out to be a liar with several health problemsAfter the customs clearance, the person authorized by law will trace it. The FDA's warning quickly thwarted its popularity, but it didn't work until "dieting" made millions of dollars.

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tongue stick diet

any diet that makes people uncomfortable may not be the right way for you. But what about body pain? This takes it to another level. Tongue sticking diet relies on surgical implantation of a device to make diet uncomfortable. Although this sounds a little out of date, it's actually a new operation performed by plastic surgeons. This process is simply intolerable, which limits most people to a limited amount of fluid food. People lose weight, but it goes against the real purpose of food: to nourish your body and make people enjoy it. You just need to learn how to control calories to enjoy food. Don't hurt them. The contribution of

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breakfast, diet, dessert

here is a typical example of distorted science of diet plan. When researchers found that people who ate dessert lost more weight than those who did not, it opened a window of opportunity for danger: dessert breakfast. If dessert is OK, breakfast is touted as "the most important meal of the day". Why not just eat doughnuts, biscuits and cakes to start the day? The reason is as follows: whether you eat it in the morning or at night, all candy is the same, especially if you eat too much. Dessert is not the devil, but you should practice restraint or adjust your diet accordingly so as to find time to indulge yourself. Do you think you agree or disagree with our choice? Is there anything wrong with that? Please comment below. Our nutrition consultant will register, discuss and answer your questions.


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