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22 delicious formula of protein powder (excluding milk shake)



according to the type of exercise and your weight, a meal after exercise should contain 15-25g protein, so as to properly recover the muscles. Combined with carbohydrates to supplement glycogen, making a milkshake that combines a moisturizer, fruit and protein powder is a simple option. But have you ever been tired of the same old smoothie? Well, we know. Here are some recipes that use a variety of powders to provide protein and carbohydrates that your body needs to repair your muscles and keep you active for the next agenda item.

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1. Breakfast with tiramisu protein pancake

tiramisu? Yes, according to kissmybroccoli.com. Combine oatmeal rolls with vanilla protein powder, coffee, vanilla essence and coffee extract to make pancakes. You can get "100 flavors" from the table. Even better, these bad kids have a low-fat cream frosting (that is, the "stuffing" when you fold pancakes) made of white cheese and bananas. No maple sugar!

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2. Oh yeah! Protein oatmeal

moved to oatmeal, this recipe inspired this amazing breakfast favorite protein and flavor. You only need oats, 2% milk (or non milk of your choice), vanilla protein powder and blueberries. Take this recipe and make it with chocolate protein powder, cocoa bean tips and raspberries or another favorite combination.

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3. Coconut silver yuan protein pancake

in this gluten free diet of nutritional style, the supplement of pea protein with vanilla flavor is the basis, and coconut milk and coconut milk give it tropical flavor. The fresh berries on top are a lovely addition to these lovely and delicious pancakes.

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4. Protein packed restorative rice and oatmeal crispy food

if you are like most children, rice crispy food is the main food in your growth process. This is a significantly more mature, high protein classic version - minus marshmallows so sweet they will give you toothache. In contrast, the formula uses honey, butter and almond butter to combine with rice flour. Adding high fiber oatmeal will make these healthier than before.

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5. Muscle mashed potato with protein powder

Comfort Food = mashed potato. Now, you can enjoy this side dish with added protein and fat, making these perennial favorites a recovery meal after exercise. We recommend the use of tasteless protein powder as well as red skin or Yukon gold potatoes.

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6. No gluten protein packaging cinnamon roll waffle

skip the calorie bomb breakfast, choose this nutritional way to supplement the broad vision of pea protein packaging. It will definitely satisfy your dessert, minus all the added sugar. The bread is well frozen, so you can defrost it in a few minutes, so breakfast is easy.

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7. Now you can eat your cake, even as a snack after exercise. The batter mixes flour, pancakes and egg whites with applesauce, eggs and milk, but does not require a vertical mixer or oven - you can mix it in a blender or microwave! You can even make cookies in a cup. Simple as... Cake.

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8. Does the world's simplest protein pancake need a recovery breakfast after morning exercise? This is the simplest pancake in the world, with a small amount of carbohydrates and rich protein. Just mix the protein powder with water, but because different powders have different absorption capacity, add water one tablespoon at a time until you have the consistency of pancake batter. Please note that these pancakes will not be as fluffy and light as ordinary pancakes, but they will make you enjoy the daily life of smoothie.

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9. Why not make your protein into dessert? These Vega waffle ice cream sandwiches use chocolate protein powder to make this group of people like summer not only satisfy your sweets, but also your hunger. Ice cream is made from frozen bananas and a small amount of vanilla, more like delicious cream. No guilt.

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10. These are not your regular blueberry muffins - there's Odin in this recipe. It means that if you eat one for breakfast, you won't be hungry again in half an hour, just like most baked goods. When baking with protein powder, it is usually best to use a flour ratio of about 4:1 (whether ordinary, gluten free or a mixture of flour and oats) to the protein powder to obtain a lighter product. You can also use eggs to bond the mixture, use baking powder to raise it, use an ingredient to wet the batter and activate baking powder. Please note that if your protein powder already contains sweeteners, you may need to reduce the content of brown sugar.

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11. No bake protein peanut butter milkshakes

ready in 10 minutes, these no bake chocolate peanut butter milkshakes are so fast and easy to make. Each contains 100 calories and 4 grams of protein, which can satisfy your sweet desire without damaging your diet. Best of all, no bakingNow. (to make them vegetarians, be sure to choose vegetarian chocolate protein powder and use agate nectar or maple sugar instead of honey.)

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12. Simple vanilla protein cheesecake

all your health indulgence dreams will come true with this high protein, low fat cheesecake. Besides, don't bake! Just refrigerate for 10 minutes, or, let's be real, you can also eat it from a mixing bowl. To be a vegan, try tofu, another non dairy cream cheese, or make your own cashew cheese, combined with vanilla vegan protein powder, sweetener and non dairy milk. Take a notch, crush some Graham cookies at the bottom of the jar, and then put any fruit you like on top, from the soaked cherries to the sliced strawberries.


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this dairy free, protein rich dessert from realhealthyrecipes.com. If you don't like passion fruit, you can make it with a cup of fresh fruit of any kind. Plus no sugar, it can be a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert - as long as you make sure you're using a protein powder or Stevia that doesn't have a lot of sugar. Make one and put it in the glass jar of the refrigerator, so that you can enjoy the dessert during the journey.

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14. High protein coconut curry pumpkin powder soup

follow the blogger behind powerhengry.com, mix smoked pepper and coriander, red curry sauce and coconut milk with pea protein powder, and mix with green or whole wheat bread to form an exotic high protein meal. Serve with a fresh slice of lime, garnish with cauliflower, salami, chili sauce or roasted coconut.

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15. Protein packaging of cereal food killer who did not use a bowl of cereal food to make a simple meal? In this form, it becomes a killer to resume post meal exercise. We recommend using whey, buttermilk or ground rice flour, as these types of rice flour are unlikely to have a granular texture with milk.

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16. Vanilla almond butter protein granola This recipe from runningwithspoons.com cleverly uses protein powder. It can be eaten on yoghurt for breakfast or chewed with a handful of yoghurt when the crash comes at 3pm. The combination of protein, high fiber oats and flax powder keeps you full. It's a healthy snack - just pay attention to the calories of fat (even if they're healthy! From here on. The cereal will still be a little soft when it comes out of the oven, but will harden at room temperature.

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18. This Sunday's classic brunch is simple enough for a working day. With protein powder, it can also be used as a recovery meal. Use bread toast, eggs and milk as usual, but mix the protein into the egg milk mixture before dipping in the bread, then fry in oil as usual.

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19. Blueberry protein frozen cake can contain 6-8g protein in a regular yogurt, while Greek yogurt usually contains twice the protein content - which is not enough to help muscle reconstruction exercise after urination. When you are on the road, simply adding a spoonful of protein powder to yogurt is a convenient way to get amino acids. If you have time, you can put yogurt and berries in a high glass to make a delicious frozen cake.

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20. Gluten free Margarita protein pizza Yes, Quest's protein chip is possible, made from potatoes and whey protein. This creative formula combines chips and tasteless protein with almond powder, roasted broccoli and protein to create a gluten free shell. With sauce, cheese, tomatoes and basil, you can enjoy a super rich, low carbohydrate dinner.

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21. Are you a fan of peach pie? How about cheesecake? Now you can enjoy your favorite dessert together without guilt or extra calories. Use fat free cream cheese and fresh peaches. It's a quick 10 minute dessert.

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22. Cinnamon protein Apple

these apple slices are very simple. You can make them in the office, and then prepare a healthy and nutritious snack for you at work. If you are going to make three apples and store them, add a teaspoon or two of lemon juice to prevent the apples from turning yellow. If you only want to make this snack with one apple, use a third of a spoon of protein. It's a perfect energy packed food.

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