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7 cocktails inspired by your summer reading list



your flight has been booked and your suitcase has been packed. Now it's time to find a special summer book for 2018. This season, we will set aside time for upcoming new films and stories, as well as time for you to enjoy refreshing music. The inspiration comes from the book you will read this summer. Kate young (cookbook writer and blogger of small library coffee shop) provides recipe suggestions for cooling cocktail in summer. Some of these drinks are directly from the character's hands and mouth. Others are inspired by the world in which the books are located - for example, "crazy rich Asians" and Singapore's swimming pool or beach harness. If you ask us, it's a good combination.

Credit: Stoxx / Keira Snell

Bloody Mary from "little fire everywhere"

set in Shaq heights, Ohio, "little fire everywhere", opened in the fire by Celeste ng and Dali chassen's home. A year ago, when visual artist MIA Warren and her teenage daughter pearl came here and started renting Richardson's second property across the city, we went back to the past. The book skilfully weaves the Richardsons and the Warren family together, peeling off the cheerful appearance of the suburban shack heights. The book, chosen by Reese Witherspoon and Kelly Washington, will be filmed as an eight part play starring two women. Bloody Mary is the perfect partner of "little fire everywhere", which is a kind of drink seen on the morning lunch table from the city to the suburbs. With boiled eggs, delicious yogurt and lots of town gossip. You can make your bloody mary as hot as you like, but note: here, a little spicy sauce can play a big role, especially horseradish.

recipes and nutrition information: from the Bloody Mary Street "full of little fires"

for many years, Penelope has been trying to create an artist's career in Pittsburgh. She returned to her home in Brooklyn to take care of her father and found herself in a place she no longer knew. Her mother has gone to the Dominican Republic, where aristocracy means Brooklyn is different from where she grew up. The story shifts between Penelope and her mother, Mirella, to explore the complex relationship between mother and daughter, and what it means to find home. Although Manhattan is still the most famous beverage, each of the five boroughs of New York City has its own cocktail of the same name. Brooklyn, especially its unique use of maracino and rye whisky, fell out of favor after the ban, but it experienced a popular revival in the second half of the 20th century.

recipes and nutrition information: Brooklyn cocktails from "Halsey Street"

Credit: the Irish whisky "sour" in "dialogue with friends" is Sally Rooney's wonderful debut: a story after the Dublin financial crisis, about women in their early 20s, about love and sex, about politics and art. The film tells the story of friends and former lovers Francis and Bobby when they meet an old couple Nick and Melissa. The article is fascinating. Rooney published a second novel later this year, which is destined to be very popular. It is sharp and strong, whiskey acid is the ideal companion of Francis's story. Although the classic whiskey sour wine contains bourbon whiskey, Irish whiskey is a popular alternative here and an appreciation of Dublin based narratives.

recipe and nutrition information: Irish whisky sour wine comes from "talking with friends"

Credit: Kate young

Missouri mule "sharp object"

if your only experience of Gillian Flynn is the most marketable and type defined "missing girl", you will be surprised. Her first novel, sharp objects, followed Camille Burke from Chicago to winddale, Missouri, where she returned to cover the murder of a young girl. While there, she reestablished contact with her estranged family. We can see the twists and turns, dark and Gothic horror. Created by Joe Gilmore, head of bartender at the American bar at Savoy Hotel in London, Missouri mules were first sent to President Harry S. Truman (in memory of his home state of Missouri). It's also very effective - the drink needs to get rid of the edges halfway through the "sharp object."

recipe and nutrition information: Missouri mule from "sharp object"

Credit: Kate young

Margarita from "when life gives you lullaby"

more than ten years after the devil in Prada incident, Emily (another assistant of Miranda, in the movie played by Emily Bronte in the role of stealing drama forever I'm back. She is now an image consultant, reshaping and reshaping the lives of Hollywood stars. After a job brought her to Connecticut, Emily developed a close relationship with a new client and their mutual friends, which led to some pranks. It was all over before Miranda Priestley was again popular. In the first chapter, Emily stands by a party pool in Los Angeles with Margarita in her hand. It's a refreshing summer drink. It's a great drink for parties (or just enough for one person) to be made in batches and enjoyed in the sun. Formula and nutrition information:

Margarita's report from "when life gives you lullaby" watched "crazy Asian rich man" in front of you in the cinema to relieve the heat, first watching Kevin Guan's novel, which is based on the novel. The book tells the story of Rachel Chu, a new Yorker, and her boyfriend Nick Young who went to Singapore to attend a friend's wedding. This book changes the point of view between Rachel and Nick, as well as between Nick's mother and his cousin, Astrid and Edison. The novel balances many characters, rich parties and complicated family politics, and brings a lot of fun to people.


Raffles Hotel in Singapore is famous for its work "Singapore Crane"Belt is famous all over the world. Although this dish has a history of more than 100 years, it is usually made of gin, pineapple juice, lime and cherry brandy. This sleek modern version (with ice and a piece of lime) is perfect for sipping while reading this page.

recipes and nutrition information: Singapore Sling from "crazy rich Asians". Credit:

Kate young from "quiet me"

Martini is back years after the bestseller "me in front of you" - this time in New York City. After will's death, she worked hard to rebuild her life and lived as bravely as she promised, moving to the United States as an assistant and partner to a wealthy socialite. Between the flashiness and glamour of his new job, the library that feels more like home in the city center and the old clothing store, Lu struggles to stay away from his family. But she is also eager to find a place in New York to build a life that she finds meaningful. New York cocktails are Lu's ideal companion for a self-made story. According to folklore, the first dry martini was made in the early 20th century at the nick Burke hotel in Manhattan. Although it can be made with gin or vodka, to be true to the classic version, use gin.

recipes and nutritional information: Martini from still life me. Credit: what do you think of Kate young? What's your favorite summer cocktail? Have you read these books? Which combination do you like? Please let us know in the comments below!

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