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Ten Mason can salads will make your colleagues jealous



want to save your salad from the wet lunchtime in a reliable way? Get yourself some Mason jars. But before you start throwing salad ingredients in, make sure your ingredients don't wilt your vegetables. First, pour seasonings into jars, and then layer "hard" foods like raw vegetables. Then there are grains, then protein, and finally vegetables. Finally, sprinkle some ingredients on top, such as seeds and nuts. When you are ready to eat, shake the jar to mix the ingredients, and then pour the contents into the plate. And an extra bonus? These Mason can salads look beautiful because they are delicious!

Credit: Kelsey and zivi / describe fauna. Lemon grass beet and Feta Salad need only a little effort to create a great flavor. Lemongrass contains a variety of B vitamins, which have antibacterial effect. Goat's cheese is often strong. The delicate citrus of Lemongrass makes it bright and sharp. Sweet dishes balance the spicy flavor of sesame. Beet contains manganese and folate, and is made of beet pigments, which are powerful plant nutrients that make this beautiful root vegetable color. This salad only needs a small drop of olive oil and vinegar.

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Credit: Kelsey and zivi / describe fauna. For this mason jar salad, you don't even need to screw up zucchini - Mandolin or a grinder. Marinate the zucchini and let it run dry. You can remove any bitterness and keep it in the refrigerator for several days without seeping water. Cherry tomatoes, roasted corn and fresh peppermint add color to this refreshing salad.

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Credit: Kelsey and zivi / describe the fauna

capsule salad

this simple but delicious Italian salad is suitable for low carbohydrate and high protein lunch. If tomatoes are seasonal, a capsule salad is the best way to use them. The fresh masurilla is rich in protein and contains nutrients such as niacin and biotin. Basil is anti-inflammatory, while tomatoes provide beta carotene and folate. If so, choose heirloom tomatoes as a variety of plant nutrients and colors. Traditionally, there is no vinegar in a caprise salad, but many people prefer a chutney with balsam or red wine vinegar.

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Credit: Kelsey & zivi / describe the fauna. Hami melon and blackberry salad

this fresh Hami melon and blackberry fruit salad is very suitable for hot weather. Hami melon has high water content, which can prevent dehydration and help reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Antioxidants rich blackberries help improve memory, heart health and immunity. Mix cream cheese with pepper and sesame to make a delicious salad.

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Credit: Kelsey and kiwi / description fauna

6. Chicken, kale and beet salads

this healthy salad packs proteins, vitamins and other nutrients in a jar. Beets help digestion, skin care and blood circulation, while cabbage is rich in iron, vitamin K and antioxidants. Gagogonzola has a salty, fragile taste, as well as pomegranate seeds and roasted walnuts, which can be used to make crispy cakes.


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7. Pear and blueberry salad

combine pear with blueberry and pecan to have a comfortable festival atmosphere. Pears are rich in fiber, vitamins and phytonutrients, while cranberries can prevent cavities, urinary tract infections and inflammatory diseases. Add spinach for more vitamins, and feta cheese is a delicious pasta. You can mix green pears with red pears to add more color to the salad.

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Credit: Kelsey and zivi / describe fauna. Citrus peppermint fruit salad

fruit salad is sweet and refreshing, especially when it is added. Although this recipe includes strawberries, peaches, blueberries and grapes, you can exchange any fruit you like best. You can use lemon juice or lime juice: both have the same effect, providing both acidity and vitamin C. Fresh mint tastes better than dry mint, so it's worth buying a small bunch.

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Credit: Kelsey and zivi / description fauna. Strawberry, cucumber and chicken salad Make vegetables into sweets. Here, we combine strawberry slices withMix the cucumbers to make a sweet and refreshing salad. Chia seeds provide Omega, while micro green provides high doses of vitamins. Add some roast chicken breast to the salad to increase the protein.

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What do you think? Have you ever tried to make a mason jar salad? If so, what's your recipe? What's the best ingredient? If you're trying to get recipes from this slide, leave a comment below to let us know about its results!

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