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5 delicious (healthy!) Dried meat and 4 avoid


The ancient human movement redefined dried meat, helping it transform from a gas station snack full of chemicals and preservatives to a hand-made, protein rich food. But not all "healthy" jerkies are equal: in order to find quality ingredients with good flavor and texture, I reviewed nine types: I tested only herbivorous meat, organic poultry and wild fish, because they are the main food of healthy animal products. For convenience, I stick to the grocery brand, not just online. None of them have preservative ingredients, including high sugar content, gluten (dried animals, not vegetarians), high sodium content, suspect / non food ingredients and genetically modified soybeans. Keep reading and find out which dried meats to add to your grocery list!

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Best: Kui! This kind of dried food is my best healthy choice because it has no sweetener of any type, no soybean (but coconut ammonia), no gluten and monosodium glutamate. This is also my best choice because it has a simple and delicious mixing path, which is composed of unsweetened fruits, seeds and nuts. It is not only dry meat, but also a kind of complex snacks with various textures and flavors, more like a fast food rather than a small snack. I like this mixture without adding any ingredients. The lemon and pepper flavor of the dried meat is outstanding, and because it should be sour, I didn't miss the sweetness. There are dried mango and medlar to make up for the lack of sugar or honey. Recommendation: if there is one kind of dried meat I recommend in this batch, it must be. Upgrade the game to a healthy bastard. This is where the bar should be set up.

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Best: Organic Pepper Turkey dry


this kind of dry is too easy to eat a ton! It's soft, sweet, spicy and smoky. All the ingredients are organic, so sugar and soy sauce are not genetically modified. It does contain Organic caramel pigment, which is absolutely not terrible, but it is a small price, because it is completely organic, cheap and delicious. It is not gluten free, but the soy sauce listed in the ingredients does not contain wheat. Recommendation: This is an ideal choice for those who want dried meat protein concentrate but don't necessarily like beef or buffalo flavors.

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this is the best vegetarian choice. Compared to 10 grams per ounce of dried animal meat (although it has a higher carbohydrate content), it has a good taste and texture. It's mild but smoky, sweet and delicious. Although I don't like soybeans in general, I'm impressed by the taste and ingredients of this dried meat. It's completely GM free, gluten free, and there's no monosodium glutamate. 383 milligrams of sodium per meal is high-end, but it's really the only negative. Of course, suppose you don't think soy itself is negative. Because it's a little wet, it's a good way to eat it directly from the package. Suggestion: if you are a vegetarian and are looking for a high protein snack with moderate carbohydrate content, this is a good choice.

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Best: native meat flavored orange juice teriyaki comes from orange extract in this dried meat, and through bright light, adds a bright and interesting character, which should be a heavy snack. Soy sauce does not contain gluten, but neither gluten nor sugar contains non GMO ingredients. It has no natural seasoning or even smoke, but it is one of the most delicious. The beef used is all forage and finished products, which is wonderful, it has the most unique taste test. Tip: for those who have eaten dried meat and may want to try something new, the orange side makes it a reliable discovery.

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Best: the new spicy beef jerky

is the best choice without soybean. Grass feed and finished products, the main highlight of this dry is that it contains healthy coconut amino instead of soy sauce. It also contains fruit juice and honey, not sugar, which is at the low end, 3 grams per ounce. It has good spices, no gluten or potential GM crops. Although the texture is a little rough, it's not enough to be a problem. Recommendation: if you are looking for a kind of dried meat that is friendly to ancient people, this is a good choice. It's not an outstanding exciting taste, but it's a basic, only clean ingredient that's good for snacks on the road.

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worst: illegal Aloha teriyaki beef jerky

although I am grateful that beef is 100% grass feed and the soy sauce used is gluten free, I find it hard to chew, and the taste is not very good. Ginger, garlic and sesame are all light. It contains 6 grams of sugar, which is the highest content in the dried meat I tested, and neither sugar nor soybean contains non transgenic ingredients. There's no seasoning of any kind - not even the smell of smoke, most fools have. 400 mg of sodium per time was the highest in all reviews. Suggestion: the package claims "too good, it should be illegal." I think it's a misdemeanor at best.


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worst: businessman Joe's sweet and spicy buffalo jerky

generally speaking, I don't like Buffalo products, because I think the taste is too wild. What a surprise this bastard is! It's really sweet and spicy, and it's easy to chew. It does contain sugar, which may be genetically modified, and soy sauce which may be genetically modified. In addition, it contains "condiments," without specifying what it is - which means it may contain MSG, while soy sauce does not contain gluten. Suggestion: when you want to eat high protein snacks, you can do better.


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the worst: Thailand peanut pure original stem

this kind of dry is the opposite of gluten free - it is made of saitan (also known as wheat gluten) as the base material. I usually like to eat Thai peanut flavor, but the original peanut strips make me lost here. The dried meat tastes like it's gone bad, although it smells good, so I think that's it. The texture is OK, but not as succulent as soybeans. It is non transgenic, with moderate sugar content and high sodium content, 353 mg / oz. How delicious their soy versions are, I'm surprised by this unpleasant quality. Recommendation: if you are a vegetarian, I absolutely recommend soy substitutes.

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worst: the whole food, southwest Adobo salmon dry salmon, is one of my favorite foods. I often eat sushi - even "fishy" fish like mackerel. That is to say, it's too suspicious for me. I can't forget the stale old fish smell. I can't even notice whether it's Adobo fish smell. It's the highest protein content in all dried meat tested, weighing 14 grams per ounce, which is certainly a huge positive, but it also contains suspicious ingredients, such as yeast extract (also known as MSG), a variety of gum and caramel colors (non organic), and no mention of non genetically modified ingredients of soy or sugar. I have high hopes for this, because I like whole turkey very much, but I am very disappointed. Advice: don't eat unless you are a cat. What do you think of 10 healthy and rich chili recipes?

have you ever tried any asshole on this slide? Which do you love / hate? Which do you want to try? What brand of dried meat do you like best?

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