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The first week of women's slimming training



long term relationship with your stomach? Don't be scared. The key to freeing you from bad romance is here, and it's easier than you think. This four week lean program will ignite additional belly tissue while helping you build strength, increase your flexibility and improve your posture. This is because this plan is based on my basic principle, a plan to change the wrong exercise habits, break you, and replace them with the right patterns, strengthen your muscles and joints. So if you're going to say "sayonara" to your stomach fat, click the right arrow above to start.

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week 1

two four-step cycles, each repeating two to three times. Credit: cat Norian

cycle 1:4 steps, 2-3 rounds

founder, lunge stretch, woodpecker, squat down

Credit: cat Norian

founder (Part I)

start with feet shoulder width. Bend your knees slightly and focus on your heels. Hinge the spine from the hip. Extend your arms back and pull your shoulders down toward your hips. When you're in this position for 20 seconds, focus on pushing your hips back and feel the tension in your lower back.

Credit: cate Norian

Foundation (Part II)

keep this position and raise your arms as high as possible. Keep your weight on your heels and hips for 20 seconds. Deep breathing. When exhaling, fold forward and keep your back flat. Make sure your knees are slightly bent and your weight is on your heels. It is very important to bend the knee a few more inches. Press your hands on your calves. Look up. Stretch your spine and chest. Pull your shoulders back and arch your lower back. Hold for 20 seconds. Keep your back extended and your arms up to your knees. When you get back to your starting position, put your arms behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep your spine stretched and your heels loaded for 15 seconds. Then raise your arms to the front and hold as high as you can for 15 seconds.

Credit: cate Norian

lunge stretch (Part I)

long lunge, right leg forward, knee slightly bent. Make sure the right knee is behind the ankle, not over the toes. Press the left foot forward and the heel back into the floor. Stretch your spine from your hips and lift your arms over your head.

Credit: cate Norian

lunge stretch (Part 2)

when you stretch, you should feel the stretch of hip flexor in the back leg. Bend up to the right. Keep your hips straight and stretch for 20 seconds. Then repeat on the other side with the left leg bent and in front and the right leg extended back.

Credit: catnorian woodpecker (Part I)

step forward into a lunge, slightly bend the front knee, form a right angle to the hip, and put the arms on both sides. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, hips forward, chest forward.

Credit: cate Norian

woodpecker (second part)

pretend that a rope is tied to the sternum and the upper body is pulled forward rather than down. You will feel the hamstring and gluteus maximus stretch in your front leg. Most of your weight is on the front heel. Once you feel good, slowly raise your arm in front of you for 20 seconds.

Credit: cate Norian

squat (the first part)

at the beginning, the legs are shoulder width apart and the feet are slightly outward. Put your weight back on your heels and try to push them to the ground as if you wanted to separate the ground. When you start pushing your butt back, put your arms in front of you. Keep your back straight and stretch as you squat.

Credit: cate Norian

squat (the second part)

continue to lower the body until the knee bends about 90 degrees. Your knees should stay in line with or behind your toes, never in front of your feet. Press up from the heel with arms on both sides of the body to the starting position. Repeat 12 to 15 times in a smooth motion.

Credit: cate Norian

cycle 2:4 steps, 2-3 rounds

provocative sit ups, front plate, back extension, negative push ups

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sit ups (Part I)

hands on both sides of the body, feet straight in front of the body. With your right foot off the ground, bend your knee 90 degrees. Keep your left leg straight and your left foot 6 inches off the ground.

Credit: cate Norian

provocative sit ups (the second part)

put your hands behind your head, push your lower back to the floor, do 10 times of slowly controlled sit ups, and try to keep the whole lower back tight and lean on the floor during the whole exercise. Lift the other leg and repeat. Credit: cate Norian

front bracket (Part I)

elbow enters the front bracket position. Make sure the spine is neutral L and the shoulder blades are separated.

Credit: cate Norian

front plate (the second part)

consider tightening the body from the ankle to the neck, squeezing the gluteus maximus and supporting the abdomen. Keep that tension for 30 to 40 seconds. The first part: lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward. Look at the floor a few inches in front, but don't stretch your neck. Lift the elbow and forearm off the ground and use the shoulder blades to pull the elbow into the rib cage and the middle of the back. Part 2: during the whole training process, you will contract your shoulder blades, causing your chest to rise and your neck to lengthen. Lift the upper body off the ground, chest forward. Keep your feet flat on the ground to avoid excessive spinal compression. Slowly lower your chest while keeping your elbows and hands off the ground. Repeat 15 times.

Credits: cate Norian

knee push ups (Part I)

take a push up position, put your hands under your shoulders, press your chin back, and put your knees on the floor. Keep your body tense and slowly lower to the floor, chest lead.

Credit: cate Norian

double knee push ups (the second part)

take 5 seconds to descend to the floor, then press yourself back to the starting position. Repeat 5 times. Note: if you can't push back, just practice in the negative (lower) part of the push up.


Credit: cate Norian