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Feedback from 12 health food and fitness companies



eating healthy food is not only good for you, but sometimes it has an additional benefit, which is to do good for the world. More and more companies are producing healthy food and fitness products and giving back, which has a positive impact on the planet. Many food companies do a good job of donating profits to a business, engaging in fair trade and sustainable agricultural practices, or developing products for specific people in need. There are 12 companies here, and you can feel very supportive.

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1. Annie's

is an enterprise based on natural and non GMO ingredients, committed to setting a positive example for consumers and other enterprises. The company is committed to connecting people to real food by providing school gardens, sustainable agriculture scholarships and working with like-minded organizations. Since 2008, Annie has supported gardens in more than 300 schools across the country, because she believes that gardens can help children access real food and promote healthy living habits. In 2015, Annie's provided $100000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students studying in sustainable and organic agriculture. The company also supports foodcorp, a nationwide network of passionate leaders who guide gardens and nutrition education in more than 500 schools in 16 states.

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2. From cross match athletes to San Francisco 49ers to New York Yankees, Marc Pro has become the ultimate recovery training tool for more than 100 professional and amateur teams. Moreover, although electric stimulation technology for muscle conditioning and recovery has entered the hands of some major sports professionals, it is also in the hands of American soldiers due to Marc pro and elastic programs. For every four Marc Pro devices sold, the company donated one to the resilience project, which then gave the equipment to the U.S. military. The recovery program empowers and provides resources and training to our military community, with the ultimate goal of preventing veterans from committing suicide.

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is not only a delicious, all natural, gluten free snack. Through the exercise of kind, kind is eager to make kind a habit and a mentality. Part of the charity movement is philanthropy, which helps people bring socially influential ideas to life through $10000 a month. The only thing is that the community decides who should get the grant every month. By voting, everyone promises to act in good faith in their own lives. Another part of the charity movement is charity, which rewards people for doing charity. A well intentioned act can be anything from a daily act to a grand gesture. For example, flower wall, people are invited to pick a flower and pass it on to others - friends, teachers, colleagues and even strangers.

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4. People's drinking water is a socially conscious business whose mission is to provide clean and safe drinking water for those in need. The company achieved this by donating money from product sales to support clean water programs. Since December 2011, the people's water company has completed 11 global clean water projects, providing more than 7 million gallons of clean water for people in need. These projects continue to provide clean water. For example, the company has funded a project in India to help local entrepreneurs start their own businesses to monitor and repair hand pumps in the region. It provides jobs and, most importantly, sustainable solutions for clean water to improve local economy, health and education.

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5. Clover cloth yes, there is such a thing, clover cloth is alive. This conscious clothing brand uses environmentally friendly, 100% organic cotton blended design of fashion and lifestyle clothing. In addition to being calm and sober, shampoos also pay off. Every time a garment is sold, Shamrock will plant a tree on the African tree to serve the future organization. The company has also produced limited editions of its work, each time the proceeds are donated to a variety of charities, including the save the elephant foundation and pink fund. The pink foundation is a non-profit organization that has a huge impact on breast cancer patients by providing direct financial scholarships.

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happy family is committed to providing healthy food for families all over the world, which helps to maximize the development of children and optimize the ingredients for growth. As part of this mission, happy families support the peanut butter project, a non-profit organization designed to promote the treatment of severe malnutrition, the single largest cause of child mortality in the world today, using effective, locally produced, ready-made therapeutic foods. So far, happy families have provided more than 1 million meals for hungry children in Africa as part of a partnership with the peanut project. Butter. Happy family also supports small things. In Tanzania's small things orphanage, happy family children's village will have up to 100 children living in it. Happy family children's village has family style houses, each of which can accommodate up to 12 children. There are also several volunteers and two "moms" who will take care of the same child there. In the United States, happy families support a healthy world of children, feed Americans and a dime March.

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7. Honest tea is the best-selling organic bottled tea company in the United States. Honest tea is committed to expanding the coverage of organic products and using fair trade raw materials as much as possible. The company's raw materials come from all over the world and has generated a fair trade premium of more than $750000 to reinvest in its supplier community. In 2014, one of the highlights of Ernest tea was the Assam eye care program: the company worked with the fair trade USA and visionspring to provide vision screening for more than 5000 tea collectors and community members at Assam tea estate in India, where they bought organicBlack tea. 2400 people received prescriptions for corrective lenses and a pair of free glasses. Honest tea employees are also encouraged to volunteer in the local community: each employee has two extra paid "volunteer days" a year to spend in the organization of their choice.

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8. A good daub

every time a good daub of natural peanut butter is sold, it will provide nutritious food for malnourished children all over the world. The company donated a package of drugs called ready to eat therapeutic foods (rutf). These include peanut butter, milk and vitamins for malnourished children. The drug, developed by UNICEF, is an extremely effective way to help children recover from the fatal stage of severe malnutrition. So far, good spread has sent more than 75000 packages of rutf to children in Chad and Nicaragua.

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9. Lotus food

lotus food sells healthy rice products and has done an outstanding job in supporting farmers in developing countries. Their grass-roots rice revolution "one drop more harvest" refers to their special rice planting system, namely rice intensive system (SRI). SRI is a different way of rice planting. It can double or triple the output of small-scale farmers, while reducing 80-90% of seeds, 50% of water and less or no chemical input. Marginalized male and female farmers and non-profit organizations (NGOs) advocating their welfare are excited by the social responsibility initiative, because it represents an opportunity to get more food, more money, better health and more choices to get out of poverty.

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10. The daily necessities (special chewing gum and mints) produced by project 7 can be fed back to seven regions around the world: feed hungry people, cure diseases, hope for peace, shelter homeless people, quench thirst, teach them well, and save the earth. So far, the seventh project procurement has planted more than 3.6 million trees, provided more than 2.2 million meals in the United States, provided 1 million days of shelter, provided more than 90000 malaria treatments, and helped 21000 students through the anti bullying program. Love of food is a monthly subscription service for new organic or all natural snacks. Every time a box is sold, the company will donate a meal to one of several food banks, such as the American food network, and share our strength: not to let children starve. So far, the company has donated more than 600000 meals.

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12. Newman has more than 200 products, ranging from salad dressing to coffee to frozen pizza. Newman is a unique food company, donating 100% of its profits to charity through Newman's own foundation. Paul Newman is dedicated to helping the world become better. He once said, "what is better than extending your hand to someone less fortunate than you?" It's just my opinion, "because of this enthusiasm and commitment, the company has donated $430 million to charities since 1982, and countless charities have benefited from it. For examples of specific organizations Newman supports, please visit nexmasouthformulal.org.

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What do you think?

are you more likely to purchase products when some or all of the proceeds are used for justifiable reasons? Do you know of any other healthy food companies that do charity work? Please leave a comment below and let us know. Share your experience, maybe your knowledge will help others return.

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