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12 mood improving exercises


In essence, human beings are moody creatures. Although we always want to feel good and happy, it is not always possible. Sometimes we are anxious, distracted, sad, angry, tired, anxious or nervous. But fortunately, when you feel that way, there's a solution: we consulted with fitness experts to find the best exercise for what mood you might be in and how they can help you get rid of it!

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1. Angry? Try Taekwondo


channel, turn the hot anger into a fierce, calorie barbecue exercise and some taekwondo! When you're angry or frustrated, a magic way is to play Taekwondo, "said Jennifer Walters, a registered personal trainer and co-founder of fitbutomedealthscom. With all the aggression and anger, just say it - it's a really healthy expression! " The best way to contact Taekwondo is under the supervision of a qualified coach or coach, so find a class or small group training course in the nearby gym. Or try a DVD at home. It's contactless but feature rich!

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"if you feel the time is pressing, try HIIT (high intensity interval training), let your exercise be completed in a shorter time, and let off the pressure," said Chris FREYTAG, a qualified national fitness expert and member of the U.S. sports committee. After warming up, try to use your favorite cardio mode, alternating 3 minutes of steady state effort (intensity range 1 to 10, about 5 to 6 minutes) with 1 minute of hard work (about 8 to 9 times). This technology can be used in bicycles, running, rowing or elliptical machines. You will not only maximize every second of your limited exercise time, you will also put in your rush and rush energy in every interval.

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do you have a hard decision to make? Try a good resistance training course. A study published in the archives of Internal Medicine found that regular strength training can improve women's mental concentration and attention. Strength training can help you feel grounded, says Stephanie Vitorino, a certified personal trainer and group exercise manager for the equinox fitness club. In addition to your brain's focus on exercise and weight lifting, your emotions also benefit from a sense of direction.

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full of energy of tension or anxiety? Take a walk! " If you have a lot of intense energy, a good way to deal with it is, quite literally, to go away, "coach Jennifer Walters said. A few minutes walk will calm your nerves and make you feel better, especially outdoors. In fact, studies have shown that walking is an effective way to prove that it can help reduce stress levels, relieve anxiety and even strengthen the immune system.

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5. Exhausted? Try Taijiquan. A low-energy day is not the time to exercise to the limit. Instead, try to turn your attention inward and exercise your body with Taijiquan. Taijiquan can not only help you replenish your energy, but also help you improve your sleep quality, reduce your stress level and enhance your happiness, all of which may help you prevent the root cause of fatigue in the future.

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6. Solitude? During your exercise, prepare a Barre lesson for a partner

? Work hard for a healthier and happier time! If you feel like socializing and want to spend time with your friends, it's a good idea to attend a group fitness class, says fitness expert Chris Freitag. There is a real friendship and fun in this type of group environment, she said. Sweat and sympathize, because you all "feel burns" can help you get more out of the exercise. After class, go to the juice bar or have a healthy dinner together. Research shows that getting social support may make you more likely to achieve your health and fitness goals.


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7. Emphasize? Try cycling

get on the bike and pedal away your troubles! Cycling can also help relieve stress, increase endorphins, and give yourself time to think clearly so you can deal with stressful situations more clearly, says fitness coach Stephanie Vitorino. Whether you're taking your bike outside, breathing fresh air on the trail, or immersing yourself in the driving music of an indoor bike class, you'll feel better once you're done. Needless to say, when you push yourself up a hill and keep a strong pace, you don't think of anything else but the end of the road or the top of the mountain, Vitorino said.

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8. Feel stuck? Have you tried to solve a problem or come up with a good idea for hours? "Stop what you're doing and go for a run," coach Jennifer Walters said. If you don't seem to find the right way to solve a problem, or if you've lost your creativity, go jogging. Seriously, I can't count how many good ideas I had when I went out for a run! " The repetitiveness of running strides relaxes your brain, while your body enjoys the stimulation of endorphins caused by exercise.

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9. Worried? Try yoga? "Oh," don't worry. " Yoga is a very good physical and mental exercise, can let you into the present. Yoga helps to calm and calm your mind while participating in your body, making it difficult to keep long-term worries in practice. By exercising with time to breathe, it's natural to focus on the moment and let the concerns that may disappear disappear. YouTube videos and podcasts are available.


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10. No motivation? Try to climb stairs

to make your inspiration create some sweat by climbing stairs. Fitness expert Chris fratager says climbing stairs not only kicks the butt, but also provides a great endurance challenge and burns a lot of calories. Go to the gym stairwell, or walk a few stairs indoors or outdoors - there's nothing more fulfilling than seeing the number of stairs you zoom in and out at the end of your workout.

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No.11. Sadness? The next time you feel blue, try dancing, turn up the radio, and get moving! Both optimistic music and endorphins in exercise have been shown to help fight depression and sadness. " You may not want to dance when you are sad, but that's why you should. Don't feel pressured to go to a dance class - solo dancing may be the best option when you are down. Don't worry about what you look like, or what steps you need to follow - just relax and enjoy the sport and music. " When you play dance music, it's hard to feel sad, "says Walters." related:

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12. Hyperactivity? Fitness expert Chris FREYTAG said that if you have extra energy, you can try Zumba and make good use of it together with Zumba. The dance class is full of infectious beats, which will definitely allow you to put extra energy into work, even after the exercise. Go to a classroom near you, or play Zumba fitness game on Nintendo Wii, and enjoy a super fun, high-energy sweat wicking game.

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What do you think?

What do you do when you encounter negative emotions? Do you let them down or go to the gym? Or do you have any other healthy coping mechanisms? Did you use any of the training on this slide to fight blues? What other sports do you suggest? Share your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below!

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