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How to prepare for weight loss like a professional



we have all heard the saying: "if we are not prepared, we are ready to fail." This is especially true of dieting. When we don't think about what to eat in the daytime, we only have time to eat conveniently or near. What's the end result? We are likely to overspend and overeat without any high-quality nutrition. Here are some tips and tricks from professionals to help you achieve your goals.

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1. Put soup on the menu One word: soup! At any time of the year, soup is the best diet you want to keep on your weekly menu. In fact, soup can help you control your weight and waistline. Allison Schaaf, M.S., RD, founder of prepdish.com, offers a time-saving advice: "make a vegetable soup and double the recipe. Then freeze half so you can eat later this month. " In summer, eat cold soup, such as Spanish cold soup. In winter, use vegetable fillings, such as radish, pumpkin and potato.

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turn up the volume to make yourself full. " We all know that in order to lose weight, we need to burn fewer calories than burning, which may mean hunger. "Instead of eating a small amount of food, try to create volume without adding a lot of extra calories," advises Samantha shorkey of jacked on the beanstalk. You can make vegetables the star of every meal. Eating more vegetables will not only make you feel that you are eating the whole set of food, but also increase fiber and nutrients. It makes you feel fuller, not so deprived. Grind some zucchini in your breakfast cereal (you won't even taste it), or mix the broccoli slices with rice for dinner. " Now listen to: Why do we feel so pressured by Americans' obsession with "happiness"? Don't always stick to what you know. It's essential to keep your diet simple to achieve your weight loss goal. Don't boast. According to beauchbody super coach Akira braith, who is the founder of the best-selling fitness and nutrition program "21 day fix," doing the same three to four things a week can make you bored and fall off the trend of healthy food. The key is to increase diversity without being overly complex. As the seasons change, change your fruits and vegetables into different grains, such as amaranth, millet, buckwheat and quinoa. Experiment with different condiments; they add flavor without calories. The more varieties you have, the happier your taste buds (and you), "said Calabrese. Three meal plan means one week at a time? Think again. " Mynguyen, founder of myhealthydish.com, said: "although this can save time, you'd better prepare three days at a time so that your food won't be eaten in five days." Not to mention that you will feel bored and cheat more easily. It's best to eat as fresh food as possible. That's when you get the most nutrition. Twice a week's meal preparation not only allows you to eat the food when it's fresh, but also allows you to register once a week to assess whether your meal plan will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Ask yourself how you feel in these three days, and then you can adjust your preparation for the next meal based on that. Tired of broccoli? Switch to mung bean. "

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5. Save time and time

when you are too busy, save time and time. " For those who don't want to cook, I suggest you buy some prepackaged salads and always keep berries, bananas and spinach in the fridge. "Salads or smoothies will never go wrong," says Samantha sholkey of Jack de on the beanstalk. I also put low carb, sprouted Ezekiel packets in the fridge because they quickly make delicious (healthy) pizza skins, hummus dip sauces, and sandwich packages. "You can also buy pre cut fruits and vegetables and eat them once a week."

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6. Getting your smoothie ready is a simple way to add nutrients, fiber and protein to your diet during weight loss. " Mynguyen, founder of myhealthydish.com, said: "instead of chopping fruit every morning, it's better to prepare the smoothies in advance." Clean and remove all skin, cores or shells. Chop to the size you want and store in a single serving size section in a frozen bag. When you're making smoothies, just take a bag out of the fridge, add your liquid and protein powder (if you want to) and mix, "using frozen products gives the smoothies a sticky, indulgent consistency, which means you can skip the ice." In order to save more time, put the prepared ingredients in a mason jar. "You can drink your smoothie in the same jar," Mr. Ruan added. "Being prepared is not about quitting, it's about fighting," said beachbody super trainer, founder of the best-selling 21 day fitness and nutrition program. If you want to succeed, organization is the key. " If you are as busy as I am, you don't have time every morning to share every meal that day. So I like to do it in advance. Eating right is an important part of your health and fitness journey. I like to share the meal the night before. In this way, everything can be put into the refrigerator, so that I can take it and go. "

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8. Make storage location strategy

and plan storage strategy after preparation. Allison Schaaf, M.S., RD, founder of prepdish.com, a food planning website, suggests keeping healthy shopping and buying options. Chop vegetables such as cucumbers, broccoli, peppers and celery for snacks. Put them in front of the refrigerator, not behind your lunch and dinner. If vegetables are not hidden behind other foods, you are more likely to catch them. "Hiding low calorie, fiber rich foods, such as raw vegetables, at your fingertips can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

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9. If you want to lose weight, you may need to prepare for meals. "When you're in the kitchen for a week, you may want to eat. Prepare a container of chopped vegetables (carrots, peppers, cucumbers, etc.) so you can eat them while cooking. "Crunchy raw vegetables are a satisfying snack, but they're low in calories," says nutritionist Lindsay Livingston's lean mungbean. Small sips of water or tea may also help.

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10. Sharing

with the public may be better than one, especially in terms of weight loss goals. New research shows that when women try to lose weight, external responsibility is crucial. So if you're preparing meals, share them with your social circle. " There are so many instagram stickers in the refrigerator, which have fully aligned food containers. Your picture may be the next one. My Nguyen suggests that not only your meal preparation position will force you to be responsible for your own and social circle's meals, but also your family and friends will understand that if you bring Tupperware to their home for dinner, the creator of myhythydeal.com > SP>: span> daxiaosheng / Adobe stock H3> 11. Solve your trouble meal

when we plan meal preparation, the focus is usually on lunch and dinner. " "In addition to dinner, focus on meals you can't stand, which may include time-consuming breakfast and lunch snacks," says nutritionist Lindsay Livingston. Start the day with a healthy, protein rich breakfast to avoid over starvation and overeating at lunchtime. Also, when the midday slump comes, having healthy snacks at hand can help you avoid getting empty calories from the vending machine. "

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12. We know that keeping water is a weight loss tool, but sometimes water can be a little boring. " "Put a few cans of your favorite water in the fridge to encourage you to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during the warmer months of the year," said registered dietitian and nutritionist Michael Hill, founder of nutrition striped and author of her first cookbook, nutrition striped. Or cucumbers and melons. " Many times when you feel hungry, your body is just thirsty, so keep hydrated and avoid overeating, "hill added. Investing in kitchen tools, we know to be ready to lose weight, but if you don't like the process, or it becomes too labor-intensive, it's hard to stick with it. Avoid this by investing in the right tools. One of the most important tools? " Buy a good chopper. You can save a lot of time when dealing with agricultural products with a knife, "says Allison Schaaf M.S., RD, founder of prepdish.com, a food planning website. The first step in making a list is to make a food list. " I plan all meals in advance and always buy a grocery list that I don't allow myself to deviate from. I like to put a small white board in the kitchen and write down the food I need to take. Sometimes I even add some inspirational quotes to help me focus on a healthy diet. "Make a note of the amount of food so you don't eat too much - the lack of ingredients may make the meal plan difficult. Bulk buying - whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, lentils, etc. - makes it easy to get the quantity you need.

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are you ready to eat now? How many days are you going to advance? What's your best advice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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