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12 best cities



the best thing about running is that you can run anywhere. But that doesn't mean you want to run anywhere old. So we invited Paula Boone, a member of 50 state marathon clubs, and amby Burfoot, a lifelong runner and author of runner's world, to choose the best running city in the United States for them. Whether you want to interact with wildlife, run to the soundtrack of running water, see glaciers or visit historical sites, these are places where you want to tie your shoes.

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1. Boise, Idaho

"my favorite running city is Boise," said BOFT. Although this may seem like a strange choice, the 25 mile long Boise River Green stretches along the murmuring water, with trees lined to help you avoid the sun. After running, what is better than iced beer? You can go to a bar on the green belt or explore the Boise beer path.

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2. The only problem with running a National Mall in Washington, D.C.

is that there are too many monuments and too many potential routes to choose from, so planning your route can be a bit overwhelming. (what a trouble!) You can sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will pass through the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, etc. Marathon is called people's marathon because it is the largest marathon in the world that does not provide bonus. But everyone was inspired by the shouts of the soldiers, "you go, ma'am!" Boone said (or Sir).

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3. Portland, Oregon is not only weird (as its unofficial slogans boast), but also a bit addicted to running. In 2016 alone, Portland had more than 200 games in 25 miles. If you don't have an official run, join the free Nike + run club, run three times a week, or go out on your own. Burfoot recommends bike lanes along the downtown Willamette River, or 60 miles in the forest park if you want to stay away from all this.

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4. Juno, Alaska, a northern city, may be a tough trek for us under the age of 48, but it's worth watching the glacier at close range. " "There is a path to the glacier near the airport," Boone said. Along the way, you can see the glacier in front of you. You can also take part in the Frank Mayer marathon to improve the quality of Boston's competition, which may be a good test of your ability - it is said that Alaska's competition is also difficult. Credit: cec72 / Adobe stock

5. Santa Monica, California

"Santa Monica is fun and exciting for easterners like me," said Burfoot. I can see the breadth of different and interesting characters on the west coast. "Jog along the Marvin Brad bike trail (also known as the seaside) to find the best people to see. From Venice, you can visit colorful street vendors who sell art and other trade goods. Go north until you get to muscle beach, where you'll see the fitness locals practicing slouch and Olympic rings acrobatics.

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6. Estes Park, Colorado, has an average altitude of 7785 feet. Estes Park marathon is the highest marathon in the United States, so when you bring all the wildlife, you must be breathless. One year Boone's husband even had an elk running towards him - fortunately, he passed him, ran to the pond near the hill, and ran to the end. If you're brave enough, stay at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired the shining. (Stephen King, author of the shining, also wrote the running man. Coincidence?

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7. New York, New York,

Big Apple is the host of the world's largest Marathon (as shown in the figure), with more than 50000 people crossing the finish line in central park every year. Although the park's six mile loop is a favorite place for runners every day of the year, Burford prefers to run along both sides of Manhattan. " In Central Park, I'm never sure where and when the car will go. The riverside environment is better because you don't struggle with traffic, "he said. In addition, you can enter the statue of liberty from the southern end of the island.

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8. Kona, Hawaii

"we attend Kona marazon every year," Boone said. You're in Hawaii: what else can you say? " Every run there was wonderful. Follow the new marathon path around Waikoloa Beach Resort (changed in 2015), or try part of the Ironman track under the impact of the waves on ali'i drive. Be sure to purchase a "run big" T-shirt from Big Island running company, the first and only professional running store in big island.

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9. Philadelphia, PA

rochebalboa's famous training route is 30.16 miles long, according to a 2013 viral post on phillymag.com. About 150 fans even set the record again later that year. If 30 miles sounds a little bit more, you can sign up for the rocky run, which has 10 miles and 5 kilometers. Finish both within the speed requirements and win the Italian Stallion challenge finisher medal. Go your own way? Be sure to step up the steps of the art gallery and take a picture with the statue of Balboa. The credit of

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10. Washington, D.C., Yakima

Boone recommends the Yakima River Canyon marathon for a variety of reasons. " You are going up through the mountains along the river in the canyon. I've seen trains crossing the canyon, fishermen and eagles teaching their children to fish in the river, "she said. anotherOutside, after a "pretty good" uphill, it finished downhill. Boone said race director Lenore dolphins hugged everyone as they crossed the finish line.

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11. Corpus Christi, Texas

brings five friends to lone star state to participate in the beach to bay relay marathon, the largest relay marathon in the United States, which was initiated by Corpus Christi road running club in 1976. At present, it attracts more than 2000 teams every year. You can run along the beach on South Padre Island, by the bay or through part of Corpus Christi's naval air station. Or go to the port alone for a half marathon, and sail past the American aircraft carrier Lexington (picture).

span credit: span> Richard Cummins / Lonely Planet / Gatty image H3> 12. Boston, mass.

without Benetton, the list of places to go is incomplete. Beaufort likes to run along the Charles River, where you can draw almost any distance, thanks to all the bridges. " It's easy to design your own course and complete the mileage you're interested in. Be sure to jog through Copley square to see the famous "tortoise and rabbit" statue. The statue pays tribute to marathon participants of all ages, shapes and sizes. What do you think of the contribution of


What's your favorite city to run in and what's your favorite route in? Where is your favorite place to run in your city? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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