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Zucker Efron mark Warburg and 13 other celebrities revealed their AB sculpture Secrets



from the well-defined six pack Sam heughan to Julianne Hough's tight and strong core, these Hollywood fitness enthusiasts know a little about shaping enviable abdominal muscles. From the old delivery service, vegetarian private chef to the latest HIIT and sulfur cycle courses, celebrities will always be ready for the red carpet, which includes a strong, stable and amazing core. So how do they get these amazing middle sections? Here's their low-key low all year round.

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1. Sam heughan

alien star Sam heughan works like a full-time job - sometimes two or three times a day! According to South Africa's "men's health" report, he praised coach James White of rock Fitness Center for introducing him to a cross fitness training method, which includes lifting, Olympic lifting and a lot of physical training work. But celebrity coach Manning Sumner, founder of legacy fit, said ordinary people don't need to spend three hours a day in the gym. " It should be smarter training, not longer, "he said. He also points out that most cross training is usually not that long. " But they do need you to know how to do Olympic lifts, which usually takes years to develop in good form, "Sumner said. So this kind of training should always be monitored and you should take your time.

read more: three signs that you're over stressed, three ways to avoid it. Elsa Pataki is a Spanish actress, mother of three and wife of Chris Hemsworth (see the next slide for more information on him), who knows how to train her abs in various ways. In order to maintain a strong and well-defined abdomen, Pataki swims, practices yoga, plays football, rides a stationary bike, and conducts 40 minute tour training four days a week. But that's not all. She also does Pilates and Thai boxing a few days a week. Many women are afraid of using weight and gaining weight. Don't do like that! It's important to take advantage of our strong body. Obviously I like strength training (seriously, try it!) "But I also incorporate yoga into my daily life," she told good housekeeping. Chris Hemsworth's exercise is not suitable for ordinary exercisers. A tough combination of cardio, drag and ab target sports (such as leg lifting) keeps his six packs solid and clear. In addition, he also showed some of his favorite abdominal movements, including bear climbing and medicine ball throwing. "Even if you don't have a cool resistance band, you have to be alone," celebrity trainer Manning Sumner said. The key is to keep your hips down, hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. "For beginners, when landing on all fours, slowly lift themselves off the ground, keep posture as long as possible, and then return to the state of landing on all fours.

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4. Julian Hoff has one or two things to know about staying healthy. It is clear that the 29 year old dancer, actor and singer takes his training seriously. Hoff wrote on her website that keeping ABS in perfect shape requires her to mix things up. Although her goal is to exercise her abs from different angles, one of her favorite sports is leg lifting - but there is an additional challenge. "

" I like to lie on a box when I lift my legs so that I can really use my lower abdominal muscles every time I exercise, "she wrote. I also like abdominal standing exercises, where I can really isolate my torso. I also sometimes add weight to my hands in these movements to exercise my oblique muscles. "Try these standing ab exercises yourself!

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5. It's not easy for Terry cruise to gain abdominal muscles like Terry cruise. Cruise told vanity fair that he got up at 4:45 in the morning and was at the gym at 6:00. Most of the time, he stuck to the traditional separation of body parts and one day specialized in abdominal training. However, because he lifts weights and runs four miles at the end of each training session, cruise eventually exercises his abdomen every day. Combining this with an intermittent fast, you can see how he can maintain his rock solid ABS. Celebrity trainer Manning Sumner says if you're trying to fast intermittently, the key is to make sure you get enough nutrition during the eight hour fast, not just what you want to eat. " Drink plenty of water when fasting and pay attention to your feelings. If you become dizzy or weak, then you should eat. Nick Jonas

when "Jumanji: welcome to the jungle" was released in 2017, it was difficult for singer born actor Nick Jonas and his abdominal muscles to be missed in the role line-up of the play. The actor's impressive midpiece is the result of a series of "whole Trinity" created by his coach, Greg Miele. "

" basically, this is a back-to-back exercise in three groups, emphasizing the same body part or exercise mode with various intensities, loads and rhythms, "miyel told muscle and fitness. Of course, there are also intelligent trio that are his core exercises, such as the unfolding of barbells, the bending of Swiss legs and the creaking of swiss balls. One thing to note: Jonas has type 1 diabetes. So health is definitely a way of life, not a good-looking way of life (though it certainly won't hurt you).

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7. Megan Fox

has many famous people who are compact and have strong abs. But be a mother, and have a deadly abdomen? It's impressive now! " Transformers actress Megan Fox works with coach Harley Pasternak to keep fit 365 days a year. Pasternak told health that Fox relies on hip compression to keep his ABS in shape, especially after childbirth. In addition to challenging the abdominal musclesIt can also exercise gluteus, hip extensor and hamstring, and adjust beginners to reach advanced fitness level. Grab a barbell, lean against a weightlifting platform, and focus on your hips. Then press in your feet and back to raise your hips until parallel to your knees. Be sure to keep your abdomen tight to prevent arching of your lower back.

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8. If you want to know how the 71 year old superstar keeps fit, you're not alone. The secret of Xueer's physique comes not only from her determination to keep exercising every day, but also from her ability to support a board for 5 minutes! At least she told the audience at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

but you can still get an excellent core workout with 30 seconds of planking every day. In fact, melody ward, senior coach of Pilates club, said that short board holding is more frequent and can actually achieve the same effect. Stuart McGill, emeritus professor of spine biometrics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, supported her research. Ward recommends five to 10 times a day, starting with 10 seconds.

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9 and 10. Kelly Ripa and mark Consuelos

if you think you are ready to try yoga and acrobatics at the same time, you may want to see these poses of Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos. Acroyaga uses your entire body in different motion planes and balance points. In other words, it challenges your core competencies. "


" but to be honest, we are not lucky enough to have the perfect acroyaga partner for our spouse, "said coach melody ward. So start with yoga and Pilates that focus on balance. Try this: feet apart, hips apart, ABS in. Bend your knees into a squat position, and when you stand up, use your core to stabilize one of your knees up to your chest and balance. Repeat on the other side. Try 10 repetitions and balance each leg for 10 seconds.

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11. Now the world knows that she is Prince Henry's wife. But Megan markel is also known for her slim build and tiring Pilates training. According to Harper's market, markel credits Prati platinum, a class professor of giant machines for her amazing ABS. It's hard, but it's said that you can burn 800 to 1000 calories and exercise your abs in an hour's class. But for ordinary fitness enthusiasts, it may not be a realistic choice. If you're not ready to play on a supercomputer, head coach melody Ward said, you can start with a class one reformer Pilates class, or even a mat Pilates class. " You'll get the same core training advantage as Pilates, but in a low impact environment. "

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12. Tracy Anderson is known for building many of Hollywood's most toned bodies, including Gwyneth Paltrow and J. law, but how does the top coach adjust his abs? Anderson is known for her unique movements, and her core of training is no exception. She relies on springboard, Arabian and crab long jump exercises, plus aerobic exercise to shape and strengthen her core muscles. "

Anderson told health that you have to exercise your abs from all angles." "It's not just the front of the ABS, the rectus," she told health. You also have to work with the obliquus, the transverse ABS (which act as a belt) and the lower back muscles. "Try these abdominal exercises that you can't even feel." Kim Kardashian may be famous for derrick, but Kim Kardashian has a pretty good middle. When she doesn't hit the ball hard in the gym or runs intermittently on steep hills, her favorite AB carving moves include spear lift, bear crawl, leg lift, AB roller and kneeling rope sit up. But these actions may not be possible for everyone. " Let's let your bear crawl a cub and start on a small scale, "coach melody Ward said. Four feet start. Hover your knees on the ground, crawl forward a few feet, and then return to your starting position. Next, roll a spear up, which will establish control in your core. You can turn your roll down into a pilates tease so it's easier on the lower back. The credit of

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14. Zac Efron

when you only wear swimming trunks to shoot scenes all day (as Zac Efron did in Gulf watch), your abs should be rock solid. On the outside, Zach Efron can play any role. Based on muscle and physical strength, evron's coach Patrick Murphy said the actor focused on his body's main parts of the super collection, and put abdominal muscles between each group. For example, one day the back and biceps, another day the legs and shoulders, and the third day the chest and arms. Although the major muscle groups are divided into traditional three-day body segments, evron does abdominal stretches almost every day, such as abdominal stretches, climbers on slides, and Swiss Ball hip stretches, and it shows. When it comes to the amazing celebrity abdominal muscles, you can't help mentioning Mark Wahlberg himself. The young actor has been one of Hollywood's hottest midsections for more than 20 years. That may be because he never rests. For example: the men's health website released a video showing the 46 year old actor exercising his ABS even on holiday. Although most people only use the stability ball to do basic sit ups, Walberg takes a step forward by doing sit ups while giving the fitness ball to the coach with one hand. Just watching it makes our stomachache! But as he said on his instagram account, "I'm on vacation with my family, but I still have to train." But when it comes to your abs, take a day off (or two or three days) at any time.

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What do you think? Who is your favorite celebrity? Does anyone else have the amazing ABS we've missed? Please let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to share your favorite AB sculpture practice!

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