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13 reasons to start Yoga


Want to learn yoga? According to a 2012 survey by the sporting goods manufacturers association, more than 22 million people over the age of 6 practice yoga in the United States for good reasons. The spiritual and physical rewards of yoga are well worth it - relaxation, better sleep, higher attention, and so on. If you've been trying to get motivated to start yoga, but need more inspiration, please read the following 13 reasons to start yoga.

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1. Yoga can clear the confusion in your mind. In today's running world, your mind may keep spinning - thinking about what happened before, what happened now, and what to do next. Yoga can help you stay in your present state and clear your mind. " Things put pressure on us because we hold on to them and let them create stories in our minds, which takes up our precious time, "said Jessica ray, a yoga teacher at Boston's Houwan yoga studio. She felt it "helped eliminate everything."

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2. Yoga can improve your mood


if you feel blue, yoga can provide a natural refreshment. A 2011 study at Boston University School of Medicine found that Yoga improved mood and reduced anxiety among 19 week yogis for 12 weeks. This is due to the level of GABA in the brain, which increases when you practice yoga. Other studies have found a link between low GABA levels and depression. So take out the yoga mat to improve your health and happiness.

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yoga is an effective cross training

Yoga complements a large number of sports and fitness activities, such as golf or baseball, that do not include stretching or stress balance training. " Many professional sports teams now use yoga as part of their practice, "said Laura Burkhart, a yoga teacher and founder of Yoga reach international in San Francisco. It helps them to exercise in balance, concentration and endurance. Tennis player or weightlifter - try turning a page from a professional and adding some yoga to it.

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4. Yoga can help you sleep

if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, yoga can help you sleep better. A study published in the Journal of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback in 2004 found that yoga can reduce the arousal that leads to insomnia. The subjects reported that, among other improvements, they had better sleep efficiency, longer sleep time and lower frequency of waking up at night. Add some OMS to your daily life and you may find it easier to catch some zzz.

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6. Yoga helps with flexibility

for those who have difficulty reaching their toes, yoga can gradually relieve stiff muscles and increase flexibility. Jessica ray, a yoga teacher, says the key to improving flexibility is to practice regularly. Flexibility is what I have to do consistently. "It's not natural for me, so I fully understand people's difficulties in this area," she said. Ray recommends that Yoga be seen as an investment in your body. If you put into work, you will see the result.

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H3> 7. Yoga is a good way to know people. Any group exercise is a good way to know people who have common interests with you. Laura bukhart, a yoga teacher, has found that yoga is a healthy way to build a community. " "I got to know my best friend now through yoga," she said. Moreover, it's healthier to have classes than to go to bars. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go out, but it's good to have friends who enjoy healthy activities. "

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8. Yoga respects your limitations

unlike many sports or fitness activities, where the focus is to go further or do better, yoga respects - and celebrates - your physical strength and limitations, so you don't have to be intimidated by others in the class. " "The point of yoga is to respect your body and its limitations, not to push your body like any other sport," said Laura bukhart, a yoga teacher. Yoga allows you to move at your own speed, increasing or limiting the difficulty of posing according to your body needs. Yes, OGA can inspire self-confidence. Mastering new postures can enhance your confidence in body dexterity and your ability to learn new things. " "As practice builds strength in our bodies and minds, we begin to be more confident in ourselves and our decisions," said Jessica ray, a yoga teacher. This is a good reminder that we are stronger than we think, both physically and mentally. "When you engage in activities that are beneficial to your body and mind, you will get a boost in your self-esteem.

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10. If you feel pressure from work or other needs, Jessica ray, a yoga teacher, suggests using yoga to relieve your troubles. " "Just a few simple deep breaths can help you relax your mind and reduce stress when you pose," she said. When you integrate breathing into every movement, the bodyThe muscles begin to relax, and the areas where we keep the pressure and tension begin to release. Unfold the yoga mat, run in a few sun salutes, or just sit quietly and meditate, focusing on the entrance and exit of each breath.

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11. Yoga teaches you to breathe again

deep breathing can relax you and help you cope with stress better. A large part of yoga is breath centered. " "Yoga not only teaches you to breathe when it's easy, but also when it's difficult," said Laura bukhart, a yoga teacher. It may sound silly, but when you are always on the move or under pressure, you sometimes forget to breathe - at least effectively. The slow, deep breathing techniques you learn in yoga can help you breathe quickly and shallowly in stressful situations.

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12. Yoga can help to relieve joint pain patients with arthritis may find themselves particularly fond of yoga. In 2011, a review published at the rheumatology clinic in North America found that practicing yoga twice a week can help relieve joint swelling and pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Yoga's gentle and slow movements are ideal for those suffering from these diseases. They can also relieve painful symptoms and make life more comfortable. If you have any of the above conditions or other joint problems, please consult your doctor or yoga teacher to modify the posture.

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13. Yoga is never boring. Yoga practice offers endless choices in difficulty and type. From Bikram to Ashtanga, and everything in between, there are many different styles of yoga to explore. Even in every kind of yoga, the possibility of mastering more and more difficult postures is endless. Every yoga teacher will bring his own style to the class. For example, in Vinyasa Yoga, there are hundreds of postures and changes that can be combined into a 60 minute or 90 minute class, so you will never do the same action twice. Tired of treadmills? Are you bored with fitness? Maybe it's time to try yoga. Related: which yoga is suitable for you?

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What do you think? Why do you do yoga? What benefits do you notice as your practice progresses? What are the biggest obstacles you find to practicing yoga? What motivates you to overcome it? Share your thoughts and goals with the livestrong.com community in the comments. How to start Yoga