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What's the Average Time to Run a Marathon?


For most runners, simply crossing the marathon finish line is something to celebrate. But Eliot kipphogg is an ordinary man. On October 12, 2019, Kenyan athletes completed 26.2 miles in less than two hours - exactly 1:59:40 - becoming the first to complete the race. The average time of running a marathon is 4:32:49. (image: hero image / hero image / gettyimages)

even if you don't cross the finish line, if you are running a marathon, you will have a good companion. According to a report by runrepeat.com and the International Association of Athletics Federations in 2019, 1.1 million people took part in the marathon in 2018. Some runners can finish 26.2 miles in three hours. The others take more than seven hours. Because marathon courses vary greatly in terrain, altitude, and weather conditions, the time required to complete each course varies. However, according to runrepeat.com and runrepeat.39, the average marathon runner takes almost twice as long to complete a race as an elite runner. Tips: Although the average time to complete a marathon varies with age, gender, race schedule and running experience, the time to complete a race is about 4:32:49; running status report 2019. In its 2019 running report, runrepeat.com used 107.9 million results from more than 70000 events from 1986 to 2018. According to their analysis, the average time to run a marathon, regardless of age or gender, was 4:32:49. This is a little slower than the average completion time of 4:28:56 in 2001. Some races are notoriously more difficult than others, or may attract people who don't run fast. According to runtri, the non-profit organization, the slowest of the 25 evaluated races was the Los Angeles Marathon (5:15:13) and the Disney World Marathon (5:08:14). The completion time by gender and age was also different. Although traditionally more men than women have been attracted to competitions, in 2018, more women competed than men. The median completion time for men was 4:22:13, an increase of 3% from 4:15:13 in 2001. Among female runners, the median completion time was 4:56:18, a 1.3% decrease from 4:56:18 in 2001. It's no surprise that the average time to run a marathon increases with age. However, it is surprising that the average age of marathon runners is getting older, from 38 to 40 from 1986. The average time to complete for runners aged 50 to 60 is 4 hours and 34 minutes, and 5:40:00 for runners over 70. As of October 2019, the fastest completion time of marathon is 2:01:39, which was recorded by kipchoge in the 2018 Berlin Marathon. Unfortunately, his 2019 results were not officially counted because he did not follow the competition rules for pacing and infusion. But runners everywhere are still celebrating his achievements.

Kenya's 2:14:04 and Chicago Marathon 2019's Brigid Kosgei are the fastest time women have ever run. Most of the fastest marathoners come from Ethiopia, Kenya and Eritrea, where running is a way of life. In 1986, the median marathon time was 3:52:35-3:48:15 for men and 4:18:00 for women. However, compared with today, the number of people taking part in the marathon is significantly reduced. In addition, running is becoming more and more popular among mainstream runners and walkers. At the same time, the number of fun running 5K and charity competition has also increased. All of this means that the number of people participating in the competition has increased, and the time to complete the competition has also increased. Additional report from

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