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How Much Should You Cycle a Day to Stay in Shape?


Cycling is not only fun, but also a good aerobic exercise. Regular cycling for at least 30 minutes a day will help you lose weight and keep fit. You can get many health benefits by cycling every day, such as cardiovascular health, heart health and improvement of muscle strength and muscle strength. Of course, once you finish your fitness work, you should ride enough bicycles to keep fit every day.


cycle at least 30 minutes a day to maintain your current level of physical fitness. (picture: gbh007 / iStock / gettyimages)


take at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week to keep fit, or increase the amount of exercise every day to 30 to 45 minutes, so as to lose weight and obtain greater health benefits. The health benefits of cycling suggest that adults get older. People aged 18 to 64 need at least two and a half hours of moderate physical activity a week to achieve and maintain good physical fitness. You can also double that in five hours by cycling for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day to lose weight and other healthy activities, or increase the intensity of aerobic exercise in those two and a half hours. It is recommended to increase strength training at least twice a week. You can complete the daily cycling distance outdoors, or you can use a stationary bike at home or in the gym. Measure your strength when you ride a bicycle, you should ride hard enough to raise your heart rate to a level that can improve your cardiovascular health. "Talk test" is a good indicator to show the challenge of training. If your goal is to work with moderate intensity, you should be able to speak, but not sing or talk too easily during exercise. If you want to do more vigorous exercise, you should be able to say very few words when cycling (and you must win, not sing!) Another measure of your intensity is your heart rate. When you start, aim for a maximum heart rate of 40% to 50% of a heart rate or maximum heart rate. Over time, your heart rate should be close to 70% of your MHR. Once you're back in shape, ride fast enough to maintain your heart rate while completing your daily cycle distance. For many people, keeping fit means keeping the extra weight they lose. Cycling burns a lot of calories, so it helps control weight. It's a useful way to calculate the calories you burn on your bike and the calories you eat. The amount of calories you burn by cycling for 30 minutes a day depends on your weight, speed and time.

for example, if you weigh 130 pounds, you burn about 354 calories per hour on a 10 to 11.9 mile bike. A 180 pound person burns 490 calories an hour at this rate. 14 to 15.9 mph, 130 pounds, 590 calories, and 817 calories an hour for a 180 pound rider. For weight management, how much you should cycle each day depends on how many calories you want to burn each week. Part of the advice to keep fit is to minimize the risk of injury. Cycling for 30 minutes a day can strengthen the leg muscles and cardiovascular system, but exercise for the upper body is limited. Through upper body strength training, you can get better physical fitness and reduce the chance of injury. When riding a bicycle, it is also important to have the back arch and good condition. Your bike should be the right size and adjusted to your height and body proportion. In this way, you can minimize stress and reduce the chance of injury.